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Unique Gift Ideas for Him

Happy Monday!

Let's talk about gifts for men.  That time of year is fast approaching and let's be honest shopping for men is not fun.  Dress shirts generally come in two flavors:  plaid or plain.  Hello boring!  I hate boring don't you?  I love gifts that have a purpose and not just any purpose but useful daily purpose.  I also love gifting prezzies that are unique or whimsical.  Sometimes that can be a challenge I know.  That's why I created this super simple, original and useful gift giving guide.  That does sound like an overwhelming  mouthful of promises but I guarantee this list was created with love and simplicity in mind.

Bonus, you don't have to wait in smelly, overheated lineups during holiday craziness.  You don't have to fight traffic and bonus you help mother earth by contributing less fumes from petrol.  One truck can make deliveries while you snuggle your loved ones at home

This year's trend in gift giving is minimalism.  Trust me most men don't I repeat don't enjoy clutter and most men certainly despise knickknacks.  Below are two carefully selected collages of perfection followed by two topnotch album covers. 

Let's start with Mr. Handsome Rhett.  He is sporting a shirt and I chose this particular one because of the Woodgrain.  Stunning and dapper all rolled into one unique conversation piece.  The shirt was designed by our youtube channel superstars of Good Mythical Morning.  The program was introduced to me by my 13 year old daughter mid summer.  We have to tune in every morning at 7am to catch the latest banter on good old American comedy.  Rhett and Link are adorable, quirky, zaney and often over the top antics.  I discovered they have a new clothing collection called Farm & Forest.

A good scent is hard to find.  Mythical No. 9 does not disappoint.  Orange and oak bark with a dash of amber.  Bonus, it's unisex!  See where the theme of minimalism steps in?

Number three is the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads.  They gently exfoliate to promote cell turnover at the skin's surface.  Also the best best product for the odd blemish or two...  no drying, flaking or scarring!  Pure genius!

Number 4 is the Rescue and Renew Pure Essential Oil in the Warrior Blend and Evergreen Spirit.  I know exactly what you are thinking...my man would never do oil.  Never say never!  Remember our goal ladies... unique and useful!  We want our men (depending on how many you have) to feel loved and wanted.  We want them to think we combed the planet to find that special something that will brighten their day.  The Warrior Blend does just that very thing.  A blend of spicy, warm notes that are comforting  and promote a sense of well being.

The Spirit Blend is cooling, soothing and awakening.  You can pair with a mister and he could use in his man cave or office.  Lots of useful ways to incorporate into daily living.  Make a spray and he could spritz his shoes.  Add 10 drops to a batch of homemade pit stick and you just turned your useful gift into another useful gift.  Double win!  

Number 5 is the essential kit bag with charcoal soap.  The kit bag comes with face moisturizer and SPF to boot!  The charcoal soap scent invigorates with spicy notes of turmeric and bergamot.  A
beautiful scrub to slough away dead skin leaving a handsome glow.  This gift idea is what I like to call a no brainer.  ARBONNE goes above and beyond when it comes to chemicals and all skincare is PH correct (awesome sauce) and NO mineral oil.  

One word on this last gift idea; SHOWSTOPPER!  Now this one is just like any other form of artwork; it's subjective.  I LOVE them and I know my father will love them.  Pretty sure I will exceed the element of surprise!  


So there you have it.  A minimalist, gift guide for the dude in your life.  Everything was chosen carefully with usefulness as a top priority followed closely with high quality products that are unique. Ultimately, I want the men in my life to feel loved by having products that are safe to use daily.  It means I love them and I care
about their well being.   

Happy shopping!

Insider tip:  Don't wait till December to order as two products from
above will be sold out before end of October!

Have a blessed week!
Mama B.


My Vegas 2018

May 8th, 2018
Vegas Recap

As some of you may know, I own my own global health & wellness business. Once a year we have the option of going to Vegas for our global conference at the MGM Grand.  If you enjoy travelling, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends and trying out brand spanking new products I highly suggest you get on board!  Even Mel Robbins was there to inspire and encourage us to live our dreams and be limitless!      


Ya'll HAVE to read her book, The 5 Second Rule.  

If you are ever considering a trip to Vegas let me first tell you that if you like FREE stuff you really should be playing Vegas Slots on Facebook or Mobile.  If it is worth your spare time and you love FREE stuff it is totally justified.  Comp rooms?  Yes please!  Free food - Hello? Yes.  There is definitely something there in the rewards that should appeal to all the five senses.  

Warning:  You will have to play a long time in order collect gold coins for Freebies.  On average I would collect about 10,000 per week.  I won't be going back for about a year as I was just there but because I know I am returning that gives me a full year to play & hoard   collect coins for future rewards.  

Before heading out this year I did some research.  I discovered Vegas Slots by accident and jumped on the game and got busy.
While in Vegas I was searching for coupons and found a Facebook group that had formed a community.  A few quick clicks later it turns out they were having a meet and greet on a day that I happened to be in Vegas.  What?  I clicked yes for attending the soiree and decided to roll the dice.  It turns out that this group of people are some of the nicest, kind, normal people like myself who also like to play slots and get rewarded with free goods.  

I was surprised to the extreme!  This took playing a game online to something more deeper.  The surreal to the real.  I made the classic assumption that all players were from Vegas au contraire my friends... lots of Australia, Texas, New Jersey, Canada, California etc... The group meets 4 times a year.  Now that I think about it Australia trumped any other country, city and village.   

Canadian Ambassadors.  Katie in the prints is an Admin.
The Meet & Greet crew 

The Hyde in Bellagio serves punch in a bird.

    MyVEGAS, the new facebook & mobile game where you can earn real prizes for MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas! From rooms to buffets, and shows to hot clubs, earn them all just by playing this addicting game!  

The rewards change and refresh constantly but here is a sample of past rewards.  My goal was free food, comp rooms and lowered room rates.  

In times of reflection and quietude I am overwhelmed at how my life has blossomed.  I AM the CEO of MY business.  Saying YES to an opportunity has opened doors that I never even knew existed.  I am grateful to be using the best products on the planet!  I lost 80 pounds, found confidence, connected with amazing souls, discovered a new mindset and so much more!  The doors just keep opening!  Owning my own business isn't entirely responsible for me meeting MyVegas peeps but it sure is a co winky dink that the meet and greet was scheduled at the same time.  

I'm a wee bit Scottish so I LOVE LOVE high quality items BUT first they must be FREE or at a super duper good deal.  It is possible to start your own business for under a $100 and it is possible to have 2 comp sleeps at the Bellagio, enjoy free buffets and fly a heli over the Grand Canyon.   Want to take it a step further?  Attend the Global Conference as a CEO, use your hard earned gold coins for FREE stuff from MyVegas and then submit your receipts from your conference at tax time.  All the while using the best sourced products that this planet has to offer!  If you have lost count that is called a triple win!    

 ~ Side Bar:
You do not have to pay to play.  The rewards are real.  If you join the community you can share coins with other players.  Who wouldn't love receiving gifts from people daily!  Speaking of gifts I am thinking of running another contest.  It has to do with staying focused and keeping your mind sharp as a tack...  Sometimes we can't focus because we are too busy being busy and not productive in doing things that bring us closer to our personal goals.  Stay tuned...

Blessings, Namaste,  


Thanksgiving Monday Adventure

Good Morning!

I had to share this adventure I had on our Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.  Mom was here visiting and we enjoyed lovely feasts, beach trips and backyard fun.  I should put it out there right away that she is 65 and a slave driving workaholic.  I have nothing against hard work trust me but this woman is relentless.  She has gone through a lot so I am proud to say she is work driven and still able to do so even if being a workaholic is not such a great thing after all. 

 We packed up in the truck and went to the beach to shovel sand and more seaweed.  We parked the truck and just as I opened the door a man greeted me and immediately gifted me a sculpture he made from rocks on the beach.  He stacked them and glued and painted and turned them into Inukshuks.  He said it was a gift for me.  He also gave one to my mother.  What a surprise and he was happy that we were happy.  After all the excitement it was time to get to work.  Two hours later we finished with the sand.  Then I gathered rocks so she could build a rock garden?  Rock wall?  The Great Wall of China?  I picked and lugged rocks for another hour.  Took a break and did some stretching on a giant rock and tricep dips.  Finally, we were done. 

Heading home she suggested I go get the piece of driftwood I wanted while we were out.  I had my eye on this perfectly shaped bleached out stump that would have been amazeballs with the perfect stain.  Now being 41 I knew better... honestly, I did.  One part of my brain screamed get the wood!!!! What a showstopper!!  The other half shouted back don't be stupid!  Use common sense here woman!  Unfortunately, common sense lost to a whopping zero point score.  

Here is where my brain just went into reckless overdrive....

I started down the cliff and was in a rush because the tide was coming in and quickly.  I stopped short soon as I saw the porcupine.  I was in a hurry and the porcupine must have sensed my urgent craziness.  She waddled aside so I could slide down the cliff.  I got to the bottom cursing myself for forgetting my rope to get back up.  No worries!  I am superwoman!  I ran over to the crossing point to get to another side of beach where this wood was.  The giant rocks have a split to cross over but it was filling with water.  Okay, no worries right?  I will just wade and get my sneakers & knees wet.  No biggie.  The water was cloudy as it mixed with all the clay.  

Two steps...

Third step earned me a couple points and took me right up to my neck!!!!  Oh my word!  I swam the rest of it and wish I had a photo.  The shock on my face, sheer panic, my eyes wide and definitely had to keep my mouth shut.  I swam and swam and the seaweed was all under me and not once did the depth change.  Pulled out on a rock somehow while still neck deep with all my clothing on.  I was worried people on the trail would see me down in the water and call the police or help.  I absolutely did not want that.  I walked over to the other beach and found the beautiful wood.  Thank goodness it was still here!  My soul would have been crushed if it washed out to sea.

The seal was in the water so I waved hello and took a few minutes to catch my breath.  I watched the seal flip around before my trek back.  I went to get the wood and couldn't lift it!!!  NOOOOOOOO!

I tried again and it was water logged on the bottom half that had been sitting in the sand.  The tide had come in more so I had two options:  swim back through seaweed and clay colored water or climb the cliff in front of me and walk back to truck on trail sopping wet.  I opted for climbing.  I climbed on all fours and finally got back to truck covered in pine needles.  I am thankful my mother had a warm blanket.  She was losing her mind LOL but I told her to check the clock and I was only 4 minutes past my estimated time.  She asked me how I got to other side of beach. There was no beach left when she last looked.  That's when I told her....  "Mom, I had to swim it."  



Secret Sauce to Success

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that waking up at 5am is awesome?  Waking up at 5am is the secret sauce to your success!  A couple things happen at this time.  Your willpower is the most strongest at this point, optimum time for focus and mental capacity.  

For me personally, the experience is incredibly transforming and magical.  I can solve problems faster, overcome objections and obstacles quickly and I'm a pinch more organized.  I'm not as reactive to things that happen later in my day.  I'm tuned in to productive work as opposed to being busy.  Before this 5am thing I was busy but the busy work was not pushing my business forward.  That being said my business is growing, I've lost weight and getting my body back and I'm more prepared.     

My normal routine is row for 20 minutes or go to the gym for 45-60 minutes.  Followed by learning {piano or french}, meditation, writing in my gratitude journal.  

Why?  How you begin your day determines how you will live your day.

What?  There are 5 problems that 5am wakeups can solve.  My friend Jen says it best so you can skip over to her blog to gain insight.      
*****edited to note that 4:30am is the new 5am for me.  I go to the gym 5 days a week at this point in time so I really like to be on site and laced up for 5am.


Meal Plan Monday Wk.#46 {Nov.14-20}

Hi Ya'll

I'm back for another MPM!  Halloween did us all in this year.  Big time!  We all have Halloween hangovers.  Things kind of got out of control and we are sliding into our old ways.  My husband had a great idea to start with a 30 day plank challenge as a family. 
Sounds like a good start to me!  I'm personally doing a 30 day exercise challenge where I do something everyday.  Somewhere between Halloween and the time change I have lost my gumption. Hitting the reset button!

So here we go.  Meal planning.  There is nothing glamorous here just simple meals. 

Breakfast Burrito {eggs, onion, cheese}
Chicken, greens and toum
snack:  apple & celery and applesauce muffins

Chicken Cesar salad and wraps for kids

snack: chocolate chip protein cookies

Chinese food {springrolls, chicken rice, and veggies}
snack:  apples & celery

Boiled Eggs
Butternut Squash Soup
snack:  protein banana muffins

Roast & Baked Potato w. veggies
snack:  yogurt & berries

Roast Chicken Dinner
snack:  apples & cheese 

This looks pretty good as well so I will add this to the rotation.


All lunches will consist of chicken and garlic toum.  I didn't bother to add lunches because it is the same everyday.  The only thing my 3 year old will eat is chicken.  We might try tuna this week for lunch and maybe it will work and maybe it won't.  

The first few days should be interesting as we all come down off rocky mountain sugar high.  In the long run so worth it because this mama is pretty tired of the sugar highs and crashes.  It's the right thing to do.

Have a fantastic week!



Meal Plan Sept.26-Oct.2

Greetings and a happy Monday!

Korean Beef  So delicious!  I saw hubby slide another flank steak into the cart and so I had to ask. Does this mean you want another round of Korean Beef?  Absolutely!  Amen to that brother!
Lasagna Soup and Caesar Salad
Goat Cheese Pizza
Chicken Sliders
Coconut Chickpea Curry

I'm away Saturday so the family will have to figure things out on their own.  I'm off to go see Brandon Barber and really looking forward to the event.  I would really love to eliminate procrastination from my diet.  A procrastination diet?  

Hoping to get to these for an after school snack.  Worse case scenario?  Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  The muffins look delish and they do have a ribbon...a Pinterest win?  I hope so.  Have a great day! xoxo


Meal Plan Monday 19/16

Hi ya'll!

I'm onto week three of mastering my meal planning skills.  Yehaw! I haven't done this in years! Seven years to be exact.  I tried to do it the last four but always fizzled out by mid-week.  

September 19th WK#38
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Korean Beef & Rice
Lebanese Chicken {Toum, Tabouli, Hummus & Za'atar}
Broccoli-Cheese Soup & Bisquits
Chicken Strips from a box with french fries {ya I know...groan}
Hamburgers w. Onion Rings 

My own breakfast & lunch will be Arbonne shakes b/c I'm on a 30 day clean eating challenge.  I will modify where necessary.  My go to meal is the Avocado salad {no shrimp} so this will happen on chicken strip and spaghetti night.  I will not compromise on burger night!  Never!  

Obviously, being prepared is key to success.  I'm really happy about getting back to MPM and finding time to blog about it.  When I'm not prepared it is way too easy to rely on drive thru for sustenance. I quickly lose sight of my goals and feel horrible inside and out.   

Check out Organizing Junkie for more ideas and some handy dandy tips on getting and staying organized.  

Cheers to another week of successful meal planning and keeping the kiddos happy!    

Have an awesome week!
Mama B.     


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