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I got my BFP!

For about two weeks now I have been incapacitated by this nausea. I couldn't do anything. Making lunch or dinner seemed like the most impossible task to complete. I sat huddled in my chair paralyzed. Completely incapacitated by nausea. Sadly, I must admit my daughter did not eat well for that time frame. After the first week I began asking myself repeatedly, "You don't suppose?" "You don't suppose I'm actually pregnant or something?" Then by the end of the week I had to go get a test and even after 5 tests they all turned up to be BIG FAT POSITIVES - the big double lines. I still have one other test to take just to be sure.

I really am surprised. We planned at the beginning of 2009 to start trying but figured it would take a good solid year. My DH works out of town so the odds were slim. He was not exactly available when the lucky time struck except for that one time. Well, one year of charting, planning, waiting etc. turned into 2 months. I guess the odds were in our favor. By March I was kind of tired of charting and recording stuff and I kind of through my hands up and was frustrated that things were off. Well, I guess they were off for a reason - late for a good reason.

At the exact same time I also scored on a family doctor, which is very hard to come by here in the Maritimes. Some people have been waiting 3+ years and still find themselves going to the after hour clinics and waiting 4-5 hours to seek medical advice. Not very cool when you need to refill meds.

The Osbornes  – (June 1, 2009 at 5:50 AM)  

Congratulations!! Love that picture with the 4 dolls... Cheers to your soon-to-be family of four!! Suzanne xo

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