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FIAR Make Way For Ducklings

February 19-20

Rarely do I ever blog about homeschooling adventures but this one is definitely worth a blog post. Our literature study unit was about a new to me book called Make Way For Ducklings.   This book has been around now for about 70 years!  I'm sure I have not read this as a child and don't recall any teachers reading the book either.  I could be wrong.  

Robert McCloskey did a fantastic job writing and illustrating this book.  We read the book 5 days in a row and studied the book from cover to cover.  We discovered so many interesting facts hence the reason I'm taking the time to blog about his work and how we studied the unit.  Make Way For Ducklings was intended for my 5 year old but my 9 year old joined in with enthusiasm.    

We learned to skip count by 2's and counting practice to 20  
Added and subtracted
Baked Bostonian Blueberry Muffins
Learned about Boston, MA
Made Maps
Fed ducks at Rockwood Park
Egg Experiment; Vinegar/Naked Eggs
Lifecycle of a Duck
Field trip to NB Museum 
Learned parts of a duck
Duck sensory tub for toddler
Duck word cards Montessori nomenclature cards

I printed out several interesting {to us} photos and printable activities and put them in my Project Life binder.  I skipped the lapbook for this one simply because I thought it was so fantastic it needed to go into the PL binder so we could look back and be reminded of how fun this unit was for all of us.

Sometimes it feels like my 5 year old is not with the program.  I love it when I can witness when things click for her and I can see that she is retaining info and can remember things we accomplished. She loves to go over the story disks and can tell me all the titles of the books by the little photo in the circle.  I think it is amazing she can remember the full title and an author.  Why then, can't she remember to flush the toilet?  

Here are some great links for free printables to go along with the unit.  Personal use only!

http://www.123homeschool4me.com/2012/10/free-make-way-for-duckling-literature.html  {fav}



http://www.reifelbirdsanctuary.com/hatch.pdf    {favorite}


http://totallytots.blogspot.ca/2011/02/now-i-know-my-abcs-dd-is-for-duck.html {Duck cards}

http://www.ducks.ca/education/for-educators/resources/  {Great links for older grades and student field notebook with a detailed duck image inside the field guide}

Counting by 2's

Make Way For Ducklings is from Five In A Row Vol.2
Also great for Ping, vol.1



Storm Cookies

February 15th,  2015

We were hit with another storm today.  The worst. e.v.e.r  epic kind of storm.  For a split second I almost considered putting on my snowshoes and heading up to Tim's for a coffee.  I was quickly reminded of how nuts of an idea that really was.  Thanks Lisa for reminding me the errors of my ways.

I decided to finally make these cookies and put them to the test.  Perfect day to make homemade chocolate chip cookies if you ask me.  Since you didn't ask I'm just telling you.  I'm also going to tell you these cookies are amazing.  As one lady on Pinterest commented, "Move over butter and make way for the cream cheese!"  

I ate three of these bad boys and I'm full.  I predict these cookies will not see another day a.k.a tomorrow.

I'm also pretty sure I am not allowed to use Averie's photos but I'm going to post them then ask her permission.  Kind of poor blogging etiquette and totally against the rules but hey it's a storm day.

Her photos are beautiful and my photos do not do the cookies justice.  I would have to change cameras and switch lenses and that is absolutely not going to happen today.

So head over and see Averie's blog and get the recipe.  Try replacing the butter with some cream cheese.  I think you're going to love it...  

Happy storm day!
Mama B


Visiting Cousins

 July 14th, 2014

I am sitting on the couch as the fog is rolling in and I cannot imagine a better time to start blogging.  We have been on so many petite adventures it is hard to pinpoint an exact place where we last left off.  I cannot remember the last few months exactly but I can do present pretty well.  Presently, right in this very moment we are enjoying our summer.  Finally, we can say it is summer!     

A walk down memory lane and a pinch of nostalgia I found myself dropping our daughter off at her first summer camp away from home.  She's eight.  She's mature.  We knew she could handle it. 

We sent her away for a week as a Visiting Cousin at King's Landing Historical Settlement.  Imagine it kind of like Little House on the Prairie has come to life and you are spending a week as Laura, Mary or heaven forbid Miss Nellie Oleson, living in Walnut Grove. She attended Parish School, milked cows, churned and washed butter and made some amazing memories.  

::  All employees and volunteers gave 110% :: 

I'm not just talking about clothing either.  At first, and I think I can speak for both myself and my mother in law and say, we were both confused when talking with the staff.  After the first two houses we
finally caught on to what was happening.  They assumed the character's role excellently; weaving tales and stories of long past. I really couldn't tell if they were making things up or telling the truth.  Was it impromptu or hours of practice?  

She had a blast and can't wait to go back again next year.  I'm so glad she loved it as much as I did.  

have a great summer!
:: Becki


Jack O Lantern Carving

October 24th, 2013
Jack O Lantern Carving 
Pops making the first cut

{Her sister did something funny}

Busy day!


Apple Harvest

September 26th, 2013

Maida Heatter's Johnny Appleseed Bars

The kids thought these were pretty stellar.  I thought they were a lot of effort for what they were.  I will make them again but not while holding a baby.  Pans had to go in and out of freezer and things had to be rolled and pressed and apples had to be peeled.  I know where to improve for next time though.  Slice those apples thin peoples!      

We made apple art with chalk pastels.  I seriously loved using this kind of medium.  The blending was the exciting part.  Warning: chalk pastels are super messy!  

A collaborative effort was made on the Appleseed lapbook. Megan and Kate learned a lot about John Chapman and played this song on you tube about 10x. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_IrdS-zu48
Megan made apples, pumpkins and this cat.  
Waiting for Caturday by Megan
Happy Appleseed Day!  


Summer Bucket List 2013

June 24th
Happy Summer!                                      

Summer bucket list is completed for 2013.  Between nursing and looking after new bebe it only took me about three hours.  It would have been way faster to use colored markers and poster size paper, but not as cute.  We just can't get enough of those banners!

The lovely Jaimie from the Crafting Chicks provided us with this awesome template.   You can do this a couple ways.  First option is to print then use a sharpie marker and write by hand all the activities.  Secondly, choose the  method of madness!  I uploaded the file into Pic Monkey then added all the funtastic fonts.  I will add an extra copy for printing so I can add to my summer scrap book.  It will be fun to look back and see all the fun things we did throughout our summers.       

So now I will fire this off to Costco in the 16x20 size and put up for the kidlets to see.  I am passing off learning how to play chess to my husband.   I don't have the time to learn and teach about a game called chess :)


Summer Meal Plan

July Meal Plan

Generally I prefer 5 hot breakys and 2 cold, quick and easys.  You will find a combo of oatmeal, poached eggs, bacon, quick bread and cold fruit.  So here we go.

Eggs & Bacon
Fried Egg Sandwich
Amish Bread, Fruit and Yogurt
Donut Muffins {like a potato chip you can't eat just one}
French Toast {we like to use egg bread}
Picnic Breakfast at the beach.  Nothing beats bacon & eggs cooked outdoors.  

Slider Bun Sammy's {filled with chicken, tuna or egg salad}
Veggie Wrap
Chicken Wrap
Pita Pizza
Mac'n Cheese
Chicken Quesadillas
Salad {Greek}
Picnic Lunch at Park
**all meals served with a cluster of grapes and handful of veggies 


Daddy's Burgers 1x weekly estimating 5x.  So yummy and perfect.  He uses 1lb. burger and adds the following:  1 tsp. of each paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, dry mustard and 3tsp. worcestershire .  No eggs or onion soup or anything extra fancy added.  Turn on the grill {med heat} and 7 minutes on one side and 5 on the other or until grease bubbles form on top of patty, then flip.  Serve hot'n ready!

Chicken Pizza & Salad  
Homemade Chicken Strips, Broccoli & Carrots
Blue Ribbon Layered Salad may opt for cobb salad see pic below
Roast Chicken from Costco 1x weekly (4), steamed veggies
Bacon & Cheese Quiche
Ham Bake
Turkey Burgers  
Fish & Veggies
Roast Chicken Dinner, Mashed Pot, Carrots, Cranberry Sauce
Beef Hash with Peppers and Onions with Salad
Cold Salad Plate {roast chicken, potato salad, sliced tom, cukes}
Chicken Broccoli Divan  
Cheater Meal (premade from Costco)
Caprese Salad
Breakfast for Supper 
Honey Lime Tilapia
Steak & Potato
BBQ at Irving Nature Park {they have propane BBQ's on site so just need a lighter.  We have a quick bite then walk our fav trail; seal trail, which has a great lookout for seal watching}
Crockpot Meatballs new to us-looks interesting.
Meatloaf freezer
Breakfast Casserole
Naked Chicken Fajitas  if I had extra chicken I could use leftovers for another meal like chicken quesadillas. 
Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash
Photo Credit:  Jaima Schutt @ Ring Around the Rosies

Tri-colored Popsicles
Apple Nachos or Apple Slices w. Cheese
Water Melon Chunks
Orange Popsicles {our favorite}
Pear & Granola Parfait
Starbuck's Lemon Loaf {perfect picnic treat}
Green Monster Smoothies
Oranges & Apples
Muffins {The girls enjoy Bran, Blueberry or Peanut Butter}
Strawberry Shortcake...hopefully.

{Raspberry Shortcake}
This should get us through the month of July.  I would really like to plan a tasty patriotic meal for the upcoming Canada Day celebrations.  Realistically, they might just get meatballs and sweet red strawberries & cream served on red and white dinner wear.  Pretty sure that is the best I can do for now.


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