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Secret Sauce to Success

Hi Everyone!

Did you know that waking up at 5am is awesome?  Waking up at 5am is the secret sauce to your success!  A couple things happen at this time.  Your willpower is the most strongest at this point, optimum time for focus and mental capacity.  

For me personally, the experience is incredibly transforming and magical.  I can solve problems faster, overcome objections and obstacles quickly and I'm a pinch more organized.  I'm not as reactive to things that happen later in my day.  I'm tuned in to productive work as opposed to being busy.  Before this 5am thing I was busy but the busy work was not pushing my business forward.  That being said my business is growing, I've lost weight and getting my body back and I'm more prepared.     

My normal routine is row for 20 minutes or go to the gym for 45-60 minutes.  Followed by learning {piano or french}, meditation, writing in my gratitude journal.  

Why?  How you begin your day determines how you will live your day.

What?  There are 5 problems that 5am wakeups can solve.  My friend Jen says it best so you can skip over to her blog to gain insight.      
*****edited to note that 4:30am is the new 5am for me.  I go to the gym 5 days a week at this point in time so I really like to be on site and laced up for 5am.


Meal Plan Monday Wk.#46 {Nov.14-20}

Hi Ya'll

I'm back for another MPM!  Halloween did us all in this year.  Big time!  We all have Halloween hangovers.  Things kind of got out of control and we are sliding into our old ways.  My husband had a great idea to start with a 30 day plank challenge as a family. 
Sounds like a good start to me!  I'm personally doing a 30 day exercise challenge where I do something everyday.  Somewhere between Halloween and the time change I have lost my gumption. Hitting the reset button!

So here we go.  Meal planning.  There is nothing glamorous here just simple meals. 

Breakfast Burrito {eggs, onion, cheese}
Chicken, greens and toum
snack:  apple & celery and applesauce muffins

Chicken Cesar salad and wraps for kids

snack: chocolate chip protein cookies

Chinese food {springrolls, chicken rice, and veggies}
snack:  apples & celery

Boiled Eggs
Butternut Squash Soup
snack:  protein banana muffins

Roast & Baked Potato w. veggies
snack:  yogurt & berries

Roast Chicken Dinner
snack:  apples & cheese 

This looks pretty good as well so I will add this to the rotation.


All lunches will consist of chicken and garlic toum.  I didn't bother to add lunches because it is the same everyday.  The only thing my 3 year old will eat is chicken.  We might try tuna this week for lunch and maybe it will work and maybe it won't.  

The first few days should be interesting as we all come down off rocky mountain sugar high.  In the long run so worth it because this mama is pretty tired of the sugar highs and crashes.  It's the right thing to do.

Have a fantastic week!



Meal Plan Sept.26-Oct.2

Greetings and a happy Monday!

Korean Beef  So delicious!  I saw hubby slide another flank steak into the cart and so I had to ask. Does this mean you want another round of Korean Beef?  Absolutely!  Amen to that brother!
Lasagna Soup and Caesar Salad
Goat Cheese Pizza
Chicken Sliders
Coconut Chickpea Curry

I'm away Saturday so the family will have to figure things out on their own.  I'm off to go see Brandon Barber and really looking forward to the event.  I would really love to eliminate procrastination from my diet.  A procrastination diet?  

Hoping to get to these for an after school snack.  Worse case scenario?  Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  The muffins look delish and they do have a ribbon...a Pinterest win?  I hope so.  Have a great day! xoxo


Meal Plan Monday 19/16

Hi ya'll!

I'm onto week three of mastering my meal planning skills.  Yehaw! I haven't done this in years! Seven years to be exact.  I tried to do it the last four but always fizzled out by mid-week.  

September 19th WK#38
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Korean Beef & Rice
Lebanese Chicken {Toum, Tabouli, Hummus & Za'atar}
Broccoli-Cheese Soup & Bisquits
Chicken Strips from a box with french fries {ya I know...groan}
Hamburgers w. Onion Rings 

My own breakfast & lunch will be Arbonne shakes b/c I'm on a 30 day clean eating challenge.  I will modify where necessary.  My go to meal is the Avocado salad {no shrimp} so this will happen on chicken strip and spaghetti night.  I will not compromise on burger night!  Never!  

Obviously, being prepared is key to success.  I'm really happy about getting back to MPM and finding time to blog about it.  When I'm not prepared it is way too easy to rely on drive thru for sustenance. I quickly lose sight of my goals and feel horrible inside and out.   

Check out Organizing Junkie for more ideas and some handy dandy tips on getting and staying organized.  

Cheers to another week of successful meal planning and keeping the kiddos happy!    

Have an awesome week!
Mama B.     


Lemon, Lemon, Lemon

Hi Ya'll,

The countdown to summer is almost on!  Truthfully, it is on!  Every summer I have a theme and this one is going to be better than ever!  Our 70's summer theme was laid back, zero structure, and lots of fun.  Riding without seatbuckles on was a total blast and really defined the word freedom.  This year our theme is to wake up and start each new day like it is the first day of summer.  You know that feeling you get on the first day?  That rush of excitement, plans, ideas and endless possibilities.  We are not going to focus on dates or times just treat each new day as if it were the first.  

Now that I have declared that to the world I am declaring this as the best lemon loaf Starbuck's copycat on the planet.  I love my rhubarb and it certainly is a rare treat but lemons are my passion. Lemons steal my heart every time.  I have made a lemon loaf in the past with another fabulous recipe but it just wasn't doing it for me. So I tried this one instead.  No disappointments here. 


Originally, this was made for our piano recital later this evening.  I would almost wager that it won't make it to the recital. Who am I kidding...the kids discovered my early morning creation and are begging like starving animals.  Thick cut slices of lemon bread, drizzled with lemon glaze on top and in between each slice...Oh man!  

I'm exactly like my grandmother Smythe when it comes to cooking and baking.  I get the ingredients and the rest is in the air.  It is easier to just tell you to go see Averie and get the full recipe.  Trust me when I say Averie has it all under control.  

Mama B.


Rhubarb {Love} Parfaits

Hi Ya'll,

Happy almost summer!  We are desperately trying to have fun each and everyday but honestly the rain is putting a damper on our parade. To chase away the rainy blues and freezing cold we have been playing in the kitchen.    

So let's talk rhubarb.  I have some planted but it is still a piddly little plant so it is not ready to cut.  My in-laws were gracious enough to spare a few stalks. So thankful they were into sharing.  I love, love rhubarb!  
Did you know rhubarb was first used in cooking back in 2700 BC in China. Interestingly enough it was used for medicinal purposes to help the gut, lung and liver.  
Did you also know that rhubarb makes an amazing parfait and quite pretty I might add when paired up with chia seeds.  I added protein booster for mine and fibre in another batch for kids.  The kiddos are going to really enjoy this healthy snack.  A little tart and a pinch of sweet.  I certainly had my kids in mind when I made this snack!

For fun I added the protein boost, which is awesome! I'm not just saying that, even though, yes, I own my own business and happen to sell it.  We are talking zero sugar and three ingredients.  Created with pea protein, rice protein and cranberry protein.  It simply is a boost for your favorite foods and beverages. Providing 10 grams of vegan protein per serving while helping to support growth and maintenance of muscle mass.  

Did you get your fibre today?  Haha!  I strategically added the fibre boost to the strawberry rhubarb portion just in case the littles don't like the chia pudding.  Sometimes one child or another has texture issues.  
So there you have it folks!  A fun snack or breakfast that is pretty and tasty!  

Mama B.


Christmas Stories

December 8th, 2015

Happy December!

A small confession...I love children's books!  My biggest passion is rediscovering vintage children's books that I would have read a hundred years ago.  In the past we wrapped the books for the book advent but the last two years the oldest two had no interest.  This year, after a long break, they decided they wanted to give it a go again.  They promised to show enthusiasm and gratitude. 

Normally, I would just re-wrap the oldies but this year decided to hit the second hand stores and see what was available.  I'm so glad I did because I found every vintage classic we didn't own and a few surprises.  I found books for all the ages and can't wait to see their faces when they open them.

I think I let out a little squeal when I found this gem.  Published in 1952 and excellent hardcover condition.  

A childhood favorite...

       A tear jerker...

Vintage ♥...

Oh Jingle Bells!  I still have the record that goes with this one and just adore this sweet storybook.  I love imitating the voices of all the characters. Thank goodness I kept the record or I wouldn't know how to talk like an ostrich!  All the characters are from Richard Scary books so this makes the book extra special and the illustrations are adorbs!  

Patrick Pig, Stuart Seal, Katie Kitten, Dennis Dog, Esmeralda Ostrich and Richard Raccoon.
Mama Bear, Papa Bear, two Baby Bears, Santa and Mrs. Claus and Cuddly Bunny and three baby sisters.

We have all the classics but these are new to us additions.  They are wrapped in brown paper packaging anxiously waiting to be opened and read by my ankle biters.   

I would also recommend the following:

Believe it or not we do not own a copy of How The Grinch Stole Christmas!  Crazy I know.  We must own at least 50 Christmas books and no Grinch.  I'm not a huge fan of Seuss so that is probably why. I have a hard time with the nonsense.  We do love Swedish books like The Tomten or The Tomten And The Fox and books that just have that genuine heartwarming feel good kind of book.  The Year Of The Perfect Christmas Tree is one of those heartwarming books that will definitely pull at your heartstrings.    

Stay tuned for some holiday shenanigans.  I'm sure there will be lots.  Today was a doozey and I'm sure tomorrow will be no different.  



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