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Meal Plan Monday Wk.#46 {Nov.14-20}

Hi Ya'll

I'm back for another MPM!  Halloween did us all in this year.  Big time!  We all have Halloween hangovers.  Things kind of got out of control and we are sliding into our old ways.  My husband had a great idea to start with a 30 day plank challenge as a family. 
Sounds like a good start to me!  I'm personally doing a 30 day exercise challenge where I do something everyday.  Somewhere between Halloween and the time change I have lost my gumption. Hitting the reset button!

So here we go.  Meal planning.  There is nothing glamorous here just simple meals. 

Breakfast Burrito {eggs, onion, cheese}
Chicken, greens and toum
snack:  apple & celery and applesauce muffins

Chicken Cesar salad and wraps for kids

snack: chocolate chip protein cookies

Chinese food {springrolls, chicken rice, and veggies}
snack:  apples & celery

Boiled Eggs
Butternut Squash Soup
snack:  protein banana muffins

Roast & Baked Potato w. veggies
snack:  yogurt & berries

Roast Chicken Dinner
snack:  apples & cheese 

This looks pretty good as well so I will add this to the rotation.


All lunches will consist of chicken and garlic toum.  I didn't bother to add lunches because it is the same everyday.  The only thing my 3 year old will eat is chicken.  We might try tuna this week for lunch and maybe it will work and maybe it won't.  

The first few days should be interesting as we all come down off rocky mountain sugar high.  In the long run so worth it because this mama is pretty tired of the sugar highs and crashes.  It's the right thing to do.

Have a fantastic week!


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