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Meal Plan Sept.26-Oct.2

Greetings and a happy Monday!

Korean Beef  So delicious!  I saw hubby slide another flank steak into the cart and so I had to ask. Does this mean you want another round of Korean Beef?  Absolutely!  Amen to that brother!
Lasagna Soup and Caesar Salad
Goat Cheese Pizza
Chicken Sliders
Coconut Chickpea Curry

I'm away Saturday so the family will have to figure things out on their own.  I'm off to go see Brandon Barber and really looking forward to the event.  I would really love to eliminate procrastination from my diet.  A procrastination diet?  

Hoping to get to these for an after school snack.  Worse case scenario?  Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  The muffins look delish and they do have a ribbon...a Pinterest win?  I hope so.  Have a great day! xoxo

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