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My Vegas 2018

May 8th, 2018
Vegas Recap

As some of you may know, I own my own global health & wellness business. Once a year we have the option of going to Vegas for our global conference at the MGM Grand.  If you enjoy travelling, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends and trying out brand spanking new products I highly suggest you get on board!  Even Mel Robbins was there to inspire and encourage us to live our dreams and be limitless!      


Ya'll HAVE to read her book, The 5 Second Rule.  

If you are ever considering a trip to Vegas let me first tell you that if you like FREE stuff you really should be playing Vegas Slots on Facebook or Mobile.  If it is worth your spare time and you love FREE stuff it is totally justified.  Comp rooms?  Yes please!  Free food - Hello? Yes.  There is definitely something there in the rewards that should appeal to all the five senses.  

Warning:  You will have to play a long time in order collect gold coins for Freebies.  On average I would collect about 10,000 per week.  I won't be going back for about a year as I was just there but because I know I am returning that gives me a full year to play & hoard   collect coins for future rewards.  

Before heading out this year I did some research.  I discovered Vegas Slots by accident and jumped on the game and got busy.
While in Vegas I was searching for coupons and found a Facebook group that had formed a community.  A few quick clicks later it turns out they were having a meet and greet on a day that I happened to be in Vegas.  What?  I clicked yes for attending the soiree and decided to roll the dice.  It turns out that this group of people are some of the nicest, kind, normal people like myself who also like to play slots and get rewarded with free goods.  

I was surprised to the extreme!  This took playing a game online to something more deeper.  The surreal to the real.  I made the classic assumption that all players were from Vegas au contraire my friends... lots of Australia, Texas, New Jersey, Canada, California etc... The group meets 4 times a year.  Now that I think about it Australia trumped any other country, city and village.   

Canadian Ambassadors.  Katie in the prints is an Admin.
The Meet & Greet crew 

The Hyde in Bellagio serves punch in a bird.

    MyVEGAS, the new facebook & mobile game where you can earn real prizes for MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas! From rooms to buffets, and shows to hot clubs, earn them all just by playing this addicting game!  

The rewards change and refresh constantly but here is a sample of past rewards.  My goal was free food, comp rooms and lowered room rates.  

In times of reflection and quietude I am overwhelmed at how my life has blossomed.  I AM the CEO of MY business.  Saying YES to an opportunity has opened doors that I never even knew existed.  I am grateful to be using the best products on the planet!  I lost 80 pounds, found confidence, connected with amazing souls, discovered a new mindset and so much more!  The doors just keep opening!  Owning my own business isn't entirely responsible for me meeting MyVegas peeps but it sure is a co winky dink that the meet and greet was scheduled at the same time.  

I'm a wee bit Scottish so I LOVE LOVE high quality items BUT first they must be FREE or at a super duper good deal.  It is possible to start your own business for under a $100 and it is possible to have 2 comp sleeps at the Bellagio, enjoy free buffets and fly a heli over the Grand Canyon.   Want to take it a step further?  Attend the Global Conference as a CEO, use your hard earned gold coins for FREE stuff from MyVegas and then submit your receipts from your conference at tax time.  All the while using the best sourced products that this planet has to offer!  If you have lost count that is called a triple win!    

 ~ Side Bar:
You do not have to pay to play.  The rewards are real.  If you join the community you can share coins with other players.  Who wouldn't love receiving gifts from people daily!  Speaking of gifts I am thinking of running another contest.  It has to do with staying focused and keeping your mind sharp as a tack...  Sometimes we can't focus because we are too busy being busy and not productive in doing things that bring us closer to our personal goals.  Stay tuned...

Blessings, Namaste,  

AlexPo  – (March 2, 2020 at 6:24 PM)  

If anyone is looking for updated MyVEGAS rewards information, it can be found at MyVEGAS Tips.

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