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Unique Gift Ideas for Him

Happy Monday!

Let's talk about gifts for men.  That time of year is fast approaching and let's be honest shopping for men is not fun.  Dress shirts generally come in two flavors:  plaid or plain.  Hello boring!  I hate boring don't you?  I love gifts that have a purpose and not just any purpose but useful daily purpose.  I also love gifting prezzies that are unique or whimsical.  Sometimes that can be a challenge I know.  That's why I created this super simple, original and useful gift giving guide.  That does sound like an overwhelming  mouthful of promises but I guarantee this list was created with love and simplicity in mind.

Bonus, you don't have to wait in smelly, overheated lineups during holiday craziness.  You don't have to fight traffic and bonus you help mother earth by contributing less fumes from petrol.  One truck can make deliveries while you snuggle your loved ones at home

This year's trend in gift giving is minimalism.  Trust me most men don't I repeat don't enjoy clutter and most men certainly despise knickknacks.  Below are two carefully selected collages of perfection followed by two topnotch album covers. 

Let's start with Mr. Handsome Rhett.  He is sporting a shirt and I chose this particular one because of the Woodgrain.  Stunning and dapper all rolled into one unique conversation piece.  The shirt was designed by our youtube channel superstars of Good Mythical Morning.  The program was introduced to me by my 13 year old daughter mid summer.  We have to tune in every morning at 7am to catch the latest banter on good old American comedy.  Rhett and Link are adorable, quirky, zaney and often over the top antics.  I discovered they have a new clothing collection called Farm & Forest.

A good scent is hard to find.  Mythical No. 9 does not disappoint.  Orange and oak bark with a dash of amber.  Bonus, it's unisex!  See where the theme of minimalism steps in?

Number three is the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads.  They gently exfoliate to promote cell turnover at the skin's surface.  Also the best best product for the odd blemish or two...  no drying, flaking or scarring!  Pure genius!

Number 4 is the Rescue and Renew Pure Essential Oil in the Warrior Blend and Evergreen Spirit.  I know exactly what you are thinking...my man would never do oil.  Never say never!  Remember our goal ladies... unique and useful!  We want our men (depending on how many you have) to feel loved and wanted.  We want them to think we combed the planet to find that special something that will brighten their day.  The Warrior Blend does just that very thing.  A blend of spicy, warm notes that are comforting  and promote a sense of well being.

The Spirit Blend is cooling, soothing and awakening.  You can pair with a mister and he could use in his man cave or office.  Lots of useful ways to incorporate into daily living.  Make a spray and he could spritz his shoes.  Add 10 drops to a batch of homemade pit stick and you just turned your useful gift into another useful gift.  Double win!  

Number 5 is the essential kit bag with charcoal soap.  The kit bag comes with face moisturizer and SPF to boot!  The charcoal soap scent invigorates with spicy notes of turmeric and bergamot.  A
beautiful scrub to slough away dead skin leaving a handsome glow.  This gift idea is what I like to call a no brainer.  ARBONNE goes above and beyond when it comes to chemicals and all skincare is PH correct (awesome sauce) and NO mineral oil.  

One word on this last gift idea; SHOWSTOPPER!  Now this one is just like any other form of artwork; it's subjective.  I LOVE them and I know my father will love them.  Pretty sure I will exceed the element of surprise!  


So there you have it.  A minimalist, gift guide for the dude in your life.  Everything was chosen carefully with usefulness as a top priority followed closely with high quality products that are unique. Ultimately, I want the men in my life to feel loved by having products that are safe to use daily.  It means I love them and I care
about their well being.   

Happy shopping!

Insider tip:  Don't wait till December to order as two products from
above will be sold out before end of October!

Have a blessed week!
Mama B.

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