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Stories of Motherhood

Bunnies & Eggs. Is this just something Cadbury creamed up in the laboratory?

I don't usually watch Oprah, but I watched a program last night called "The Secret Lives of Moms." Funny show that I could actually relate too or at least laugh along with other people. I don't think that I am that naive to think other mom's feel the way they do. Would many mom's ever think that a diaper full of crap is great? Lucky for Cheryl Hines that Oprah was promoting an upcoming show called In The Motherhood. Generally, I don't want to watch something on television that will remind me of the work of being a mother so I may or may not watch it. Mothering is 24/7 so when I take a break it better be something damn good. For instance, The Amazing Race, it takes me very, very far away.

From the show I discovered a new blog, and found out that other mom's do some pretty wacky stuff. For instance, the mom who had two sleeping children in the back of her mini van and she had to pee very badly. Since it was such a rare moment that they were both sleeping she decided to not stop at a gas station and instead reach over and grab a diaper and pee in the diaper. I can honestly say that is one thing I have never done.

If you think you are alone in mothering think not. Heather Armstrong will leave you feeling refreshed and allow you to laugh or cry out loud. My favorite part is where she says, "I don't do pipe cleaners or cotton balls." She is also pretty sick of the fluids.

I used to go out for a drive with our daughter and our dog and she would fall asleep. This is when she was almost two and starting to head into terrible two's and refusing naps. It would generally be a win win situation; the dog got to go for a run, she would sleep for two hours, and I could read. Most cases I would always bring something to do like prepare the veggies for dinner in the Jeep.

I always kept a pare knife and some baggies in the glove box. On some days I would swing by the outdoor market and wave to one of the workers to come over then hand the boy a $10 bill and ask him to go choose some veggies and fruits then bring it back over to me. It was great. I always got my change back and he brought it directly to me. I had enough change to get a coffee and 3 timbits for the dog. I think the market was Westboro Market? I would then head to the dog park let the dog out and peel sweet potatoes or eat strawberries I mean hull strawberries. Sometimes I just sat in the sun and the dog would lie under my lawn chair. So I guess carrying a lawn chair and paring knife were key essentials to motherhood. I had to make a sacrifice; I could not choose my own selection of veggies & fruits.

I always thought it would be funny to write my version of While You Were Sleeping. Things are a little different now but you will most likely find me just reading a Nancy Drew while she sleeps. My expectations of myself have changed in a very big way. And it does not help that New Brunswick does not have such things as outdoor markets that run every day of the week.

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