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My Birthday

Wow, what a day! First it started off with some e-mail complications that left me in a complete tizzy. Something I knew coffee could not fix. The coffee would have definitely aggravated the situation much, much more. Grrrrrr.
Today is my Birthday. Many emotions always take place on this day. I could be on cloud 9 then all of a sudden welling up because I was reminded in some small way of the people I loved who are no longer here on earth to share fun things with. Being older, becoming the next generation or person who is that much closer to fazing out. I would like to share some birthday traditions with my daughter and be able to show her how important she is and how happy she makes me and her daddy feel. I will have to come up with some simple and memorable things to do for her this summer. After our e-mail glitches we went swimming today in a salt water pool then had lunch and cake after wards. Then around supper time we went out for dinner and had more food and small piece of chocolate cake. Is this the benefits of having parents who are divorced? I think we were asleep by 8.30pm. I just realized now that no pictures were taken today. How unusual.
I am a few days behind in my walking so I will really need to pick up the pace tomorrow. The sidewalk was just snowplowed so we should be good to go. I should note here that we just received about 42 cm of snow on Monday, February 3rd. After firecracker has her ballet class we will hit the trail. If I am lucky she will shut her eyes and take a rest while I listen to my i-Pod.

I am considering quitting coffee. It has made me so crazy. One thing that is for sure is that I do need to lay off the caffeine for a little at least. I could probably get a better boost with a smoothie. I can't drink tea because it makes me so nauseated and sick. I can drink white tea and some of the Tzao tea. I'm hoping somebody out there might be able to walk me through it.

Good Night

Micah and Katie  – (February 26, 2009 at 4:47 PM)  

I love that I am now able to check in on you guys. But one thing with blogging is that you need pictures!! hehehe...I want to see some scarp layouts, sewing projects, meals you are preparing and of course the firecracker!!!

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