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My Sweet Little M

My sweet little M. I cannot believe she is on her way to becoming the tender age of 4. Being in labor for 4 days, 4 epidurals, 1 tank of laughing gas and morphene. A job well done! 4 years later I can laugh.

I put my daughter to bed (she goes to bed at 6.30pm) and literally watched her go to sleep from the doorway. She had the best weekend ever. We kick started the weekend by having a sleepover with the Rice family at the farmhouse to celebrate Papa Rice's 63rd birthday. Saturday morning at gymnastics, a visit to eat lunch with Grampy Smythe then a huge nap. Topped off with a trip to the park, then the beach to celebrate the sun. She got her first paper cut on her mouth and even got to play with her best pal Avery.

On my alone time I decided to start a list of names for baby #2. The list is going to be impossible to decide. Megan was a no brainer for me. So simple so easy. The one name my dh puts his foot down on is Martha because he "thinks" it would be after Martha Stewart. Really I did like the name a lot before Ms. Stewart became an icon.

Oh, how I love my sweet little M.

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