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The last few weeks have been exhausting.  Easter was a blur.  It seems once Kate cut her first two teeth everything went downhill.  Somehow she turned 5 months.  Just to add more chaos to the mix we bought a house and we are preparing to move to Saint John, New Brunswick.  We have a rather quick closing and by May 21 we will have our very own set of keys.  No one will be living beside, on top or under us.  I'm not looking forward to the moving part, but I am ecstatic about Kate having her own room.  So when she naps we can go out to our backyard or playroom.  Best of all Sunday walks at the ocean!  Ocean rocks galore.  So smooth and perfect.  I digress...  Back to Kate being 5 months.

Kate can do the following:
rollover and back
roll out of bumbo with faceplant
fit toes in mouth

hold her spoon and jams her cereal in
laughing to a chuckle
mommy's girl
4 teeth
rarely naps in the daytime

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