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Moving Stinks!

May 26th ~ We moved.  If you have done it you know how terrible it really is.  On a positive note it does encourage a healthy purge.  Our first house.  I still feel giddy as I type.  Slogging through the boxes, living out of a cooler and using the BBQ with two children under 5 has been challenging.  Things are looking up since the oven and fridge arrived on June 5th.
I was hesitant about moving to the port city of Saint John, New Brunswick.  We are only an hour away from our parents so that is not so bad.  I do miss being able to scoot over to mom's for a quick visit.  The other option is Ottawa, which is 15-16 hours away so Saint John is okay with me.  The best part is that everyone is so friendly!  Maybe all cities are like this and this is normal?  I just can't get over how the neighbors and people you don't know are saying hello.

The best, best part...being so close to the ocean. I love the ocean!  My oldest daughter seems to like it as much as me.  Can't wait to take photos of her running in the sand.

Harold  – (August 22, 2010 at 4:52 AM)  

Hey Becki, you forgot to say how great a help your old FIL was when moving in. I still think a little more purging is required but I would be the pot calling the kettle black.
Your old FIL

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