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Jam Pots

On June 25th Kate turned 7 months.  We awoke to a sunny day so I thought it would be a great time to go strawberry picking.  She ate her first unwashed strawberry!  I thought about the worst case scenario and figured we could run for benadryl if necessary.  She made out just fine.  My little ladybug turned quite angry when I pulled the berry away so she would not choke on the stem.

Our (my) goal was to make jam with all the berries we picked.  My goodness what a mess!  I had sugar all over the table, berry juice dripping onto the floor and no oven mitts to take the jars from the oven.  In the end everything was super sticky.

The last time I made jam was with my aunt Mary Jane.  I thought it was only a few years ago, but the old stickers on the jars told the truth.  Almost eight years ago!  I have been carrying canning jars in a box for 8 years!  I wish she was with me the other day to make the process a little smoother.  All the jars sealed except one and the jam settled.  The jam pots turned out great, but too embarrassed to say how I severely burnt my tongue.   Thank you Auntie Mary Jane for showing me how to make jam.

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