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I'm so far behind!

Egads!  I posted some pictures for black & white Wednesday over at the Long Road to China but forgot to link up!  And since then everything has snowballed.  I guess we spent more time preparing for Kindergarten than I thought.  We made bentos right left and centos.  Testing things and menu listed until I could list no more.  We perfected our bed making, dressing and anything else that had to do with getting ready in the am.   

The day after our storm with Earl we went out and did school photos.  I figured there was no way we would be taking photos on the day of with all the excitement around us.  We popped over to the school on Labour Day weekend and it worked out really well.  We were the only ones there so we could take our time, no pressure and nice and quiet.  We had a special project we worked on while Earl blew his way around our house on Saturday.  Wasn't that bad of a storm just blustery and super hot!  The floors were sticky and we were melting.  We finished our special project and tried to explain to our daughter what it was.  I think she kind of half got it.

We have to give all the credit to Kami over at no biggie for this project.  I loved it the moment I saw it.  I wondered how many other moms and dads saw the speech bubble and went ahead and did it.  So clever!  Thanks again Kami, you never cease to amaze me.  We did not have chalk paint so we just used black paint for now.  Worked with chalk then I just wiped off with a damp rag.  I also did not have room to write Kindergartener or use an exclamation mark.  I should have asked my lovely assistant for something clever to say.

I said, "while you are holding the sign could you open you mouth, pretend you are smiling, but saying something at the same time?"
She replied that that was too much and could only smile.  Our lovely assistant a.k.a daddy held the sign so she had one less thing to concentrate on.  Fun times in the Maritimes!  Can't
believe I just said that....


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