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Holiday Ornaments=Mental Torture!

{Note the chapter:  A Desperate Situation}

 These were supposed to be tortured book page ornaments and I think that the only one that was tortured was me.  One ball took me an entire episode of Boardwalk Empire and I still needed to finish a bit the next day.  I went mental!  I found the instructions here.  I recently visited Pinecone's blogspot and found Ashlyn's Pinwheel instructions here.

   The ball is not even complete yet because I still need to add embellishments!  Mercy will the pain ever end!  I remember my grandmother Stewart making Santa Clauses out of old Reader's Digests and I wonder what kind of trouble she might have found herself in.  I wonder if she swore that she would never make another...yet somehow ended up doing a dozen.  I remember Santa's head falling off but I think the glue just dried out from the heat of the wood stove.  Now I wish we had kept all those old trinkets, but at the time maybe she just never wanted to see one again and tossed him.  Tortured book pages are just plain torturous!  The pinwheels were a breeze and I sailed through those easily.  Unfortunately, once I got into the wine I forgot what I was doing and ended up making super huge pinwheels that could sail a small boat to China and back.  Good thing I stopped at two.   

 Moving on...Scrabble Love
{Love You}

On a happier note the scrabble tile ornaments were super fun, and turned out super cute.
Can't find these babies at the Hallmark store!  I did not saw off any digits and had fun with the
sander making everything factory smooth.  I used up all my G's in Eggnog so I had to
use my spare and add my own G in Jingle.  Let's here some of that J-I-N-G-L-E!  JINGLE BELLS.   If you need instructions it would be ideal if you just went here.
{I picked up my Scrabble board for $1.50}. 
Excellent Teacher gift.


Pinecone  – (December 11, 2010 at 9:05 PM)  

I love the book page balls...really cute. I don't know if I will get to that one this year, but I definitely think I will try it next year. I love how your pinwheels turned out...and the scrabble ornaments are great too. Man, you have been busy!!

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