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Trees, Trees, No More Please!

My father works at this nursery where they were getting ready to clear out a ton of cedar trees that were ranging from 6ft. to 7ft. tall and they were just going to dump them.  He graciously thought of us and how nice it would be to have an instant hedge.  So, on that note he filled his truck with 13 cedar trees and headed down our way.  November 27th the day we put up our holiday tree we also received a load of cedar trees; instant hedge.  No secret walks on crown land at night this year.  Crazy part was the price tags on these trees.  I am not bragging about the price just can't believe we got these all for free!  There must be $1700 worth of trees out there.  One tree is $150 and others range around $90.  My favorite is the cute little Japanese Yew that will have pretty little red berries someday.  This lucky gem got a nice plot out front.
So between the snow, rain we are out trying to get them in.  At this point I think the rest will have to wait until spring.  Either Santa shows up with a heavy duty chainsaw to get past the roots or delivers a decent sharp axe to plow through the tangled mess.  I stopped at my last tree a few days ago when I dug up a studded dog collar.  I held my breath, grunted, heaved and dropped in the last cedar and ran like the dickens!  I hope it was just a collar I find {if I go back}....

I never dreamed to be planting trees in December.


Parsley  – (December 11, 2010 at 8:23 PM)  

I have cedar trees all around me so I don't think of them as Christmas trees. I have to have pine.

Nice looking however..very festive!

Maria Berg  – (January 11, 2011 at 11:55 PM)  

It is wonderful that you got them all for free, but I do believe it is hard work to get them down. MB

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