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Pretty soon I will be back in business; the business of making lunches that is.  I would like to take this year's lunches beyond Kindergarten level and be more organized and prepare more homemade foods that sustain my child.  I did not send pudding cups or granola bars but I did on occasion send lunch ables.  Not a healthy choice but I seemed to fizzle out on Wednesday's and the occasional Friday's.  Not this year!

A lot of supplies were purchased from Dollar Store and then I used stickers to put on the lids to help support the theme.  No biggie if a container gets lost because it is just from dollar store.  However, these containers should not be used for things that might leak (applesauce, yogurt, frozen fruit) .  Then I used the dinosaur and heart shape cutters that the same store sells and added icing eyes or chocolate chips from Bulk Barn.

If you can, definitely go for Rubbermaid Blue Ice packs. This year we will be working on chicken salad on a slider bun so these ice packs are a must.  I would highly recommend Thermos brand for soups or liquid type foods.

As far as specialty or going Bento I try to do this twice a week.  If you can get the Easy Lunch Box and bag I think that would be a bonus for Bento style lunches.  In the past Ziplock used to make the exact same style but I cannot seem to find them at the moment.

Sometimes themes can be really helpful.  Using color, the alphabet or your child's favorite character can be fun as well.  Dig out your cookie cutters and use them to cut fun shapes from bread, fruit leather and cheese. 

These Tips are amazing!  Read them and apply accordingly.  At one point I was wrapping our freezer packs in tea towels and then the teacher would still return everything wrapped in plastic shopping bag.  

Save time and have a stress free morning by pre-bagging all your goodies ahead of time and place them in a drawer or container.  I used the snack size baggies then divided my pretzels or trail mixes.  

Definitely check out Another Lunch and to get some help you get jump started for a new year of lunches.      

Add a special note to your loved one with a cute printable.

Fruity Stickers from Alpha Mom

Super Sweet Lunch Notes from Paper and Pomegranates
 Have a fun and stress free year of lunches.


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