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Just Something I Love

A question I love to ask people is "If there was a fire in your home what would you grab, something you would be heartbroken without?"  I know I would need therapy if I lost my photos for sure, especially the scrapbooks.  The time it takes to make those suckers!  But hands down I would be crushed if I lost my vintage kitchenette.  I would have to strap it to my back and tuck each child under my arms and fill my pockets with photos and stuff my kitties down my night shirt.  Another good reason to wear clean underwear to bed and wear your pants to bed as well.  Just get up and go!

I would like to tweak the kitchenette a little and add a oven door in the middle lower half.  Perhaps I should just leave well alone.  I think the last thing I need right now is the little ones learning about the workings of an oven door and such. Nothing gives me more joy than to watch my little gals make pretend lattes and plastic ham and cheese sammy's and fried eggs in the tin metal pots and pans. 

I remember my mother ironing behind me while playing and making so many no-bake oatmeal cookies and watching old school Sesame Street.  Monsterpiece Theatre and Cookie Monster reading to us in his wing back, smoking his cigar!  Oh the happy days!

As a child my family went to a lot of great lengths to make Christmas super special for me and I think it was the gifts like this that really made them magical.  When a gift is made by hand all of that person's love is captured in it.  Thanks to my grandfather and his loving hands for making this homemade gem.

My mother gave me the teapot as a gift last year.  It looks old and the bottom reads Czech.

A little rusted but still holding strong!

Couldn't tell you which I love more; fried egg sandwich at ten o'clock or fried egg sammy at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.
The thunder is back just as I am getting ready for bed and I am non-plussed by cold air meeting hot air phenomenon.
Happy days!
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