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Oh dear.  What a week so far!  I'm knackered and everything I touch falls apart.  Lit.er.al.ly.  I made a little pact with myself to hang the clothing on the line from this point on until early or late fall.  I wanted to play a game and not use the dryer and just see how many days I could go.  I did great for two days and just yesterday, Monday, I snapped.  Actually, my line snapped in half!  I should know by now not to overextend myself on a Monday morning.  Me and Mondays do not get along very well.  I was trying to hard, giving it a chance until it happened.  I hung my whites out and got to the last three items and the line snapped!  Down went the whites into the freshly dug hole for the upcoming firepit.  I just wanted to swear up a storm but my little one was right next to me so I had to swear in my head.  I did yell out the window "Are you kidding me?"

  Later in the day I took the girls out with me to put air in the tires of the car and pick up some wood so I could surprise them with a bonfire before bed.  I took all the knobs off the tires then put the looney in {one whole dollar to get air for tires}.  Ludicrous if you ask me.  I got my air, paid for wood and drove away.  Halfway home I remembered I left the knobs that belong on the tires!  Argh!  Lots of grumbling.

Today is Tuesday and it has not improved.  I took my oldest out after school so she could choose her own trimmings for her barbie bunkbeds bedding.  The store had limited choices; white, black and brown.  Not so fun choices.  Later I put them to bed, popped in a movie and started to prep the fabric for the bedding.  The tension on the machine is all messed up and no amount of tweaking or tuning would fix the problem.  So frustrating!  On a positive note my rhubarb muffins turned out great.  Sadly, no pretty bedding with pom pom trimmings.

So many crazy things have happened.  The list goes on and on.  My youngest showed us how she can scale the cupboard drawers and get into more things.  She doesn't even pull out the drawers and use them like steps.  She turned into Spiderman overnight.  She found the med cabinet and sprayed bug repellent in her eyes!  I also caught her with the toothbrush in the toilet then scrubbing a bar of soap.  Her sister's toothbrush!  Early this lovely morning I could hear my oldest yell down to me "Mom, why does my toothbrush taste like soap!"  At the time I did not have an answer.
I sure hope tomorrow is better....
Happy days!

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