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My Katherine {Kate} is all grown up.  She can do just about anything she puts her mind to.  She can get dressed all on her own; changing outfits every 5 minutes.  She loves to houseclean, make a mess, clean up messes then do it all over again.  She loves shopping and could rattle off a list like nobody's business.  I have never met a two year old like her and you should see her fitness workout!  She is one determined little lassie.  The best part is when she puts her hands on my cheeks and looks into my eyes and says, "I love you mama!" 

My oldest is getting taller by the minute....she recently started the Little House on the Prairie series with her sister.  I keep telling people it was the best $20 ever spent.  We started season 1 and next thing I know both of my daughter's want to be just like Mary and Laura Ingalls.  My oldest wants her own chore list and thinks all children her age {six} should know how to wash and dry dishes.  I simply try to remain calm and tell her that I can't argue about that.

My firstborn is strong willed and stubborn but very determined person.  She rocks the monkey bars even when her hands are frozen from cold and she could outrun a gazelle.  I am quite possible she is more creative than myself and definitely a much better writer.  She is an excellent gardener and even  talks to her plants, which I am sure she inherited from my own mother.  My mother never talked to plants but she sure is a wicked gardener!  Oh to be six again!

Have a great weekend!
Happy Days,

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