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Summer Bucket List 2013

June 24th
Happy Summer!                                      

Summer bucket list is completed for 2013.  Between nursing and looking after new bebe it only took me about three hours.  It would have been way faster to use colored markers and poster size paper, but not as cute.  We just can't get enough of those banners!

The lovely Jaimie from the Crafting Chicks provided us with this awesome template.   You can do this a couple ways.  First option is to print then use a sharpie marker and write by hand all the activities.  Secondly, choose the  method of madness!  I uploaded the file into Pic Monkey then added all the funtastic fonts.  I will add an extra copy for printing so I can add to my summer scrap book.  It will be fun to look back and see all the fun things we did throughout our summers.       

So now I will fire this off to Costco in the 16x20 size and put up for the kidlets to see.  I am passing off learning how to play chess to my husband.   I don't have the time to learn and teach about a game called chess :)

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