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Storm Cookies

February 15th,  2015

We were hit with another storm today.  The worst. e.v.e.r  epic kind of storm.  For a split second I almost considered putting on my snowshoes and heading up to Tim's for a coffee.  I was quickly reminded of how nuts of an idea that really was.  Thanks Lisa for reminding me the errors of my ways.

I decided to finally make these cookies and put them to the test.  Perfect day to make homemade chocolate chip cookies if you ask me.  Since you didn't ask I'm just telling you.  I'm also going to tell you these cookies are amazing.  As one lady on Pinterest commented, "Move over butter and make way for the cream cheese!"  

I ate three of these bad boys and I'm full.  I predict these cookies will not see another day a.k.a tomorrow.

I'm also pretty sure I am not allowed to use Averie's photos but I'm going to post them then ask her permission.  Kind of poor blogging etiquette and totally against the rules but hey it's a storm day.

Her photos are beautiful and my photos do not do the cookies justice.  I would have to change cameras and switch lenses and that is absolutely not going to happen today.

So head over and see Averie's blog and get the recipe.  Try replacing the butter with some cream cheese.  I think you're going to love it...  

Happy storm day!
Mama B

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