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STELLAR {ton} Easter

Easter 2015

We had the privilege and honor of having another memorable Easter at the farm.  I wish everybody could do this!  We spent Easter with some fabulous friends at their family farmhouse.  We packed the kiddos and all the Easter paraphernalia and headed to Stellarton, Nova Scotia.  Actually, it was Riverton based on technicalities.

In previous years I took photos of the kids bottle feeding the lambs but this year I was too tired to take photos.  I regret it now of course but that is just the way it goes sometimes.

One night we helped clean the barn and let me tell you that is tough work!  I was shaking and quivering in parts that were unknown to my own body.  I'm sure it was only 30 minutes of hard labor but felt like I just finished a triathlon.  Despite the hot mess I found myself in it was breathtaking and no pun intended there.  Yes, it stunk but it was magical.  The radio was playing some fiddle style song and the sheep were bahhhing away and then the snow started to fall outside.  It felt just like Christmas eve.  We were getting things ready for a cow to have her baby and everything was peaceful and calm.  We laughed, perspired {pigs sweat, people perspire} and cried out in pain as our muscles were woken up from a long winter's nap.  Our friendship was also tested as some poo whizzed past my nose only millimeters from going in my mouth.  Never mind the pitch fork that was uncomfortably close to my forehead.  I was more concerned with the poo matter.  Good times to be had!  Would I do it again, yes, in a heartbeat.

Many sheep and I lost track on the names.  Approximately 13 lambs were born for the season.  Of course I didn't get their names either.  They were all adorable and super sweet.

The kiddos had fun Easter morning and of course they woke up super early.  Pretty exciting to wake up with friends and eat chocolate for breakfast.

Other years we were able to have the egg hunt outdoors but this year there was so much snow that they had to stay indoors. Bummer! But we had tons of fun and many memories were made over the 4 days we were there.

We were worried about our almost soon to be 2 year old and how he was going to behave in a strange place with lots of people.  I envisioned tantrums and sleepless nights.  After we got pulled over for speeding I started scoping out hotels in case we needed to tame the toddler.  No worries!  Our little guy was a champ!  He was in his glory!  He behaved pretty well and slept like daddy; snoring his way through the entire night.

Gilbert came for a visit.  thank you Ben for taking the time to share your sweet Gilbert with us. Adorbs!  This was a bonus for the kids.  A little rabbit to come and play.  The only thing missing from this Easter was some baby chicks.  Megan and Avery did try to keep some eggs from the barn in hopes of having babies but we put an end to that little party.  They thought if they kept the eggs in their pockets they could hatch them.             

{Farm Fresh Eggs From Happy Chickens}

{View from my bedroom window}

{Carla's mom made cupcake treats. Thank you Helen MacIntosh} 

{Vintage Suitcase Love}


A special shout out to Marion MacKay for letting us make some more awesome Easter memories. Thank you for sharing your space with a rowdy bunch. That couldn't have been easy but we sure appreciate the generosity.  I hope you turn some of those fabulous stories of yours into a beautiful book.   


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