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Backyard Bird Love

May 11th, 2015

The weather is starting to cooperate and provide us with some sunny days.  We had a great week learning about several birds. What I love about these mini units is that all the kids can participate. There is something for everybody at some point.  I didn't research any special books for this one just simply grabbed 3 books about birds off the shelves at the library.  I just made sure they were Canadian content because that is our focus right now.  

My Uncle Norman had mailed my daughter some singing birds when she was two and they were a huge hit!  She is almost 10 and the birds are still singing.  The mechanism inside the bird is still going strong.  Unfortunately, Uncle Norman has passed but we still think of him often and are reminded of his presence while we play and sing with the birds.  

The younger kiddos painted their birds and the oldest just wanted to color.  You should really use card stock if you can especially, if you plan to paint.  Some birds received a brad to attach the large wing and some we just glued.  Google eyes are fun as well!

{Birds of a feather do flock together}

{Painted by 2 yr. old Mama did wings, legs}

{Kate's Cardinal}

Learn, Create, Love is where I have been hanging out these days. Go here to grab the link for all kinds of paper bird printables.  She also has a recent posting of lovely animals from the Savannah.   Easy crafts, simple instructions and they are super sweet.  

Next week we are planning the hummingbird.  I picked up humming bird feeders from dollar store and the kids can make their own recipe to fill the feeders.  Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

They really enjoy these singing birds from Wild Republic.  If you can't wait for shipping snail mail and you live in the Saint John area you can find these cuties at the NB Museum. *Update! Wild Republic is unable to accept international orders at this time.   




Turns out our 16 year old cat, Kiki, loves bird videos.  She lied on my shoulder and watched the birds and then when the squirrel made his appearance on the screen she went for the kill. 

Have a great weekend filled with blessings & love.

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