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Shearing Day

June 10th, 2015

Hi y'all,

That is my new way of talking these days.  Southern drawl.  I'm just that tired it seems easier to talk that way.  Surprise, surprise we had another crazy, busy week here on the ranch.  We kicked off Monday with track & field and spent 5 hours on the track. The kids jumped hurdles, ran, sprinted and everything else involved in track and field.  

On Wednesday we had the privilege to watch some sheep get their shearing on.  Yes, yes, ending in a preposition is weak and unacceptable.  My University Professor, Mr. Cockburn, would be uncapping his bold red pen at this point.  I loved that guy.  He definitely did not follow UNB rules and was not a sheep meaning he did not follow the herd.  He smoked pipes in his office, and used a typewriter; refusing to upgrade to a computer because it lacked human qualities.  He was a rugby coach and brought that same approach to class.  He was a tough love guy that made you work.  I digress...

So the sheep shearer lady wrangled those sheep like nobody's business.  She was like the sheep Ninja!  She whipped, flipped, those creatures like they were flapjacks .  I think the secret was in the flooring.  Pieces of plywood were laid down and acted like a sheep skating rink.  She made it look so easy.  I'm sure it wasn't and getting them back in the pen looked difficult.



Freshly shorn sheep
Diet Coke is for babies

Adorable farm hand
Fluffy & New

Cutting away the crud

That is all for this week.  The kiddos want to know what is next. How do you feel about real cheese curds a.k.a squeaky cheese? What does that mean mama?  That means you grab your nose pins, get in the car, buckle up and practice your Française.     

Peace and serenity to all those mama's out there who had a rough and tumble busy week.  I will leave you with a special quote from my mother "You will have plenty of time to rest when you are 80 and stuck in your rocker."  By then I will be off my rocker!

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