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Kings Landing Historical Settlement

July 25,2015

Hi y'all, back for another blogging update.  I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.  We are having a wonderful time and super busy.  Food and fun that is all the kids seem to care about. Where is the food and where is the fun.  Three hours of tennis everyday and the minute we finish they immediately want to know what I have planned next.  I like to tell them something funny like how about a trip to pillow cove?  That sounds like fun.
I just picked up my daughter from camp and wanted to share some photos.  Kings Landing has this amazing camp for kids and my oldest loves it.  The biggest question I get asked is, do the children stay there all week overnight?  Yes, yes they do.  This camp is kind of extra special because it is also a learning educational camp not just your regular run of the mill kind of camp.  About 100 years ago I went and thought it was such a big deal that I kept my acceptance letter!   Of course they don't send out letters of acceptance these days.    

{Freshly squeezed lemonade}

{Fresh cut soap}

{Brother & Sister}

{2400 lbs of Ox ♥}

So there you are folks, King's Landing in a nutshell.

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