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Christmas Stories

December 8th, 2015

Happy December!

A small confession...I love children's books!  My biggest passion is rediscovering vintage children's books that I would have read a hundred years ago.  In the past we wrapped the books for the book advent but the last two years the oldest two had no interest.  This year, after a long break, they decided they wanted to give it a go again.  They promised to show enthusiasm and gratitude. 

Normally, I would just re-wrap the oldies but this year decided to hit the second hand stores and see what was available.  I'm so glad I did because I found every vintage classic we didn't own and a few surprises.  I found books for all the ages and can't wait to see their faces when they open them.

I think I let out a little squeal when I found this gem.  Published in 1952 and excellent hardcover condition.  

A childhood favorite...

       A tear jerker...

Vintage ♥...

Oh Jingle Bells!  I still have the record that goes with this one and just adore this sweet storybook.  I love imitating the voices of all the characters. Thank goodness I kept the record or I wouldn't know how to talk like an ostrich!  All the characters are from Richard Scary books so this makes the book extra special and the illustrations are adorbs!  

Patrick Pig, Stuart Seal, Katie Kitten, Dennis Dog, Esmeralda Ostrich and Richard Raccoon.
Mama Bear, Papa Bear, two Baby Bears, Santa and Mrs. Claus and Cuddly Bunny and three baby sisters.

We have all the classics but these are new to us additions.  They are wrapped in brown paper packaging anxiously waiting to be opened and read by my ankle biters.   

I would also recommend the following:

Believe it or not we do not own a copy of How The Grinch Stole Christmas!  Crazy I know.  We must own at least 50 Christmas books and no Grinch.  I'm not a huge fan of Seuss so that is probably why. I have a hard time with the nonsense.  We do love Swedish books like The Tomten or The Tomten And The Fox and books that just have that genuine heartwarming feel good kind of book.  The Year Of The Perfect Christmas Tree is one of those heartwarming books that will definitely pull at your heartstrings.    

Stay tuned for some holiday shenanigans.  I'm sure there will be lots.  Today was a doozey and I'm sure tomorrow will be no different.  


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