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Rhubarb {Love} Parfaits

Hi Ya'll,

Happy almost summer!  We are desperately trying to have fun each and everyday but honestly the rain is putting a damper on our parade. To chase away the rainy blues and freezing cold we have been playing in the kitchen.    

So let's talk rhubarb.  I have some planted but it is still a piddly little plant so it is not ready to cut.  My in-laws were gracious enough to spare a few stalks. So thankful they were into sharing.  I love, love rhubarb!  
Did you know rhubarb was first used in cooking back in 2700 BC in China. Interestingly enough it was used for medicinal purposes to help the gut, lung and liver.  
Did you also know that rhubarb makes an amazing parfait and quite pretty I might add when paired up with chia seeds.  I added protein booster for mine and fibre in another batch for kids.  The kiddos are going to really enjoy this healthy snack.  A little tart and a pinch of sweet.  I certainly had my kids in mind when I made this snack!

For fun I added the protein boost, which is awesome! I'm not just saying that, even though, yes, I own my own business and happen to sell it.  We are talking zero sugar and three ingredients.  Created with pea protein, rice protein and cranberry protein.  It simply is a boost for your favorite foods and beverages. Providing 10 grams of vegan protein per serving while helping to support growth and maintenance of muscle mass.  

Did you get your fibre today?  Haha!  I strategically added the fibre boost to the strawberry rhubarb portion just in case the littles don't like the chia pudding.  Sometimes one child or another has texture issues.  
So there you have it folks!  A fun snack or breakfast that is pretty and tasty!  

Mama B.

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