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Lemon, Lemon, Lemon

Hi Ya'll,

The countdown to summer is almost on!  Truthfully, it is on!  Every summer I have a theme and this one is going to be better than ever!  Our 70's summer theme was laid back, zero structure, and lots of fun.  Riding without seatbuckles on was a total blast and really defined the word freedom.  This year our theme is to wake up and start each new day like it is the first day of summer.  You know that feeling you get on the first day?  That rush of excitement, plans, ideas and endless possibilities.  We are not going to focus on dates or times just treat each new day as if it were the first.  

Now that I have declared that to the world I am declaring this as the best lemon loaf Starbuck's copycat on the planet.  I love my rhubarb and it certainly is a rare treat but lemons are my passion. Lemons steal my heart every time.  I have made a lemon loaf in the past with another fabulous recipe but it just wasn't doing it for me. So I tried this one instead.  No disappointments here. 


Originally, this was made for our piano recital later this evening.  I would almost wager that it won't make it to the recital. Who am I kidding...the kids discovered my early morning creation and are begging like starving animals.  Thick cut slices of lemon bread, drizzled with lemon glaze on top and in between each slice...Oh man!  

I'm exactly like my grandmother Smythe when it comes to cooking and baking.  I get the ingredients and the rest is in the air.  It is easier to just tell you to go see Averie and get the full recipe.  Trust me when I say Averie has it all under control.  

Mama B.

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