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Basement Love

Between last Wednesday and today I have been keeping busy painting, blogging, purging, and filling the rest of the gaps with baby stuff.  Of course there are meals to make, laundry and all that other stuff that seems to fall on your lap whether you like it or not.  In between all the painting I found a couple new blogs to read, exchanged mailing addresses, learned a photography skill and so much more!  Here is proof that a multitasker can show her husband love AND paint all at the same time.  What a win win situation! 

I gave the basement brick wall some love literally.  The brick was in this house for 40 years and probably never received this much attention.  Washed, scrubbed, painted with a heart then covered in crisp linen by CIL.  Then of course since I had the primer opened I did the rest of the laundry room while the baby napped.  I got about halfway before she woke so that is good.   I'm also certain I heard the wall whisper and sigh....ahhh thank you, I needed that.
Love can show up in all kinds of strange places.


{With Love}

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