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Hunter Wellies & A Box of Tissue

Photo Source:  Carrie {the vintage wren}

I have sadness deep in my heart.  If anyone knows me I don't generally make frivolous purchases on a weekly or monthly basis if at all.  I calculate and weigh every option before going for the big plunge.  I was going to treat myself.  I have wanted Hunter Wellies now for a long time.  I finally decided to go for the big plunge.  I got the ball really rolling when I invited a friend down to visit me and we would go shopping together.  This would solidify the purchase.  No waffling here.  We even planned a little Easter holiday around these wellies.  Woodland walks, cigars, chocolate lab cuddles, and cow manure caked on solid.  Secretly, I was even planning on wearing the wellies to bed! 

My friend arrived and even agreed to bring my mother along for the visit.  Nanny watched my babies while we went to get boots.  Long story short the dang boots did not fit!  Put the passport away, no trips to Scotland to round up sheep, shovel manure or sip scotch.  My friend was successful but I was not.  I went home with a heavy heart.

I told my husband later and he said that he had something to tell me.  He told me he was into the shoe store earlier that week and already bought the boots!  He is about two city blocks away and must have went there on his lunch break earlier in the week.  The whole thing backfired.  Shelley at the Urban Shoe Myth was going to tell me a secret admirer already settled the bill when I went to go pay.  Except I never made it to the register.  Thank you to my sweet husband for the treat and I appreciate the thought.  You can now help yourself to the secret boot stash of cash hidden in the cupboard.   

I would be in a dilly of a pickle right now if I ordered online.

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