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C is for Caravans & Creativity

We received our latest copy{May}of Cath Kidston and just couldn't get enough of the holivans and campers so I had to blog about it.  When I discovered that Happy Loves Rosie was featured in the mag I was quite surprised.  I guess you just never know what life will throw your way.  I wish I could pull off a vintage camper in the back yard but quite positive that pigs would fly before a camper sat contently in the backyard.  I think it would block out my neighbors perfectly.  I would stock pile with homemade quilts, books, hot drinks or cold lemonade and various other sundries.  Of course I would need a mini fridge and a long extension cord so I could hide my secret stash of Lemon Liberte yogurt.

The 1940's Teardrop looks pretty cute as well.  Everything you need in a nutshell or in this case a teardrop.  The closest I can get to this concept is having a vintage pic nic basket and Scottish plaid, wool blanket in the trunk.  We just need decent weather.  So far we made it to the beach 3 times and each visit was overwhelmingly beautiful.  I even got to read a few pages of Sea Glass while kidlets filled buckets with sand.
{I absolutely must have that little red radio}
      Camping is definitely on the list this year but we might have to wait until August when everything dries up from all this rain.  Cannot wait to take my firecracker and stink bug camping.  I see the stores now sell gigantore marshmallows for roasting.  I can just imagine how fun it will be pulling out sticky marshmallows from their hair before tucking them in bed.  Maybe I should just stick with unroasted and sweet talk my hubby into getting some strawberry marshmallows {only found in United States} on his next trip to US border.            

I hope you all have Happy thoughts despite the miserable rain.  If you need a boost check out Happy Loves Rosie.  I can't help but walk away with a smile & spring in my step.

Resources: Green Camper Courtesy happylovesrosie.co.uk
1940's Replica Teardrop, telegraph.co.uk/travel  
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PinkCatJo  – (May 26, 2011 at 8:01 AM)  

We have just our first proper lot of rain in London for about 6 weeks. The way the children behaved in the playground today, you would have thought they had not seen rain for 6 months.

Those caravans are just too sweet. I'd love one too! x

Anonymous –   – (May 30, 2011 at 6:24 AM)  


I would love to find a vintage trailer and renovate it...as soon as I am done with the house. (Don't tell Thomas!)
I have a friend with a blog that does just that:

They are like little jewelry boxes.

Your Friend,

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