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French Macarons

Mercy!  Recently, I discovered that Pioneer Woman was hosting a contest and I missed the opportunity for Macaron and Food Photography Weekend.  Of course all of this was only potential because it was a contest after all.  If you are familiar with Ree Drummond and her contests you will already know that a billion or sometimes gazillion people enter to win so the probability of winning is low.  If there ever was a contest about winning something cool {for me} then this was it!  I have wanted to make French Macroons for at least 5 years now and Fear is holding me back.

 I can just envision myself getting on a plane to go to Pioneer Woman's ranch just to learn about a new technique or two taught by Helene Dujardin.  I bet I would sleep really well there....or perhaps watch a certain cowboy round up them there cattle.

We are introduced to Helene's blog Tartelette which showcases beautiful food photography.  I am pretty sure that this is the same Helene Dujardin that had the French cooking show on the Food Network but I will have to investigate that a little more...later.  Right now my taste buds are bursting and want to make a plea bargain with my 1.5 year old, "Please, please let mommy make it to the store for ingredients so she can whip up some pastel colored treats!"  What do your taste buds burst for?

{Raspberry Mascarpone Macarons}

{Powdered Strawberry & Vanilla Bean Macarons}
Most importantly Helene provides an accurate and detailed tutorial.  Regardez la.  

Have a beautiful day!

Credit:   All photos belong to Helene Dujardin.

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