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Book Shelf {Magazine Style}

Good Morning!

Rainy day here in Atlantic Canada with a fine spray of mist that makes my hair curl.  Some think it's cute and some think it's unmanageable.   Speaking of cute we created a practical and useful magazine style book shelf.  After it was said and done I asked myself, "Now, why did I not think to make one for the other child at the same time?"  My brain operates in an all or nothing state and I think this is the worst curse possible.  This was supposed to be my own carpenter project where I purchased the lumber, sawed/cut lumber, painted then installed on the wall.  I managed the purchase (with dad's help), the trim and paint and then my father in law drilled holes and hubby installed on the wall.  I had to use a jigsaw to trim the 2x4's,  and considering the tool I used I think I did an excellent job.  The project cost about $20, not including paint that I already had.  If I were to purchase this I think it would be well over 60 clams and to actually find one around here would be slim.

This solution is much easier to protect our precious favorites from little hands that want to rip and tear or leave sticky jam prints.  To see the books face on also makes it a bonus for reading time.  A lot of books I have saved from my childhood and consider them in mint condition so when one gets distroyed I am so sad.  

The inspiration from this DIY came from Just A Girl (JAG) and you can get the detailed instructions here.  Thanks Chris for all your hard work and providing lots of DIY projects to keep me entertained.

{I'm so pleased with this it's ridiculous}
I would rate it as easy and definitely would make more.  If you don't like priming and painting your lumber then definitely invest more money and purchase the pre-primed lumber.   I noticed that I did mine a wee bit different but no worries I'm still pleased.


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