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Mama's First Bird

 Happy Thanksgiving Twenty Eleven

I was so excited to be doing my first big bird.  I had visions of the house smelling fabulous, pies baking in the oven and the house warming up with wonderful smells from the kitchen.  At first we were going to ask my Aunt Nancy if she would pick up a big bird over the US border.  It always was a treat to go over or have someone to pick up a 79 cent per pound turkey.  Then the opportunity came for us to have a free range {almost organic} turkey so we went with that instead after a week of deliberations.  The pros outweighed the cons.  So we picked up our 20lb. turkey and began the brining process.  We were all excited to be part of the cooking and preparations.  Our oldest, Megan, helped pluck the rosemary from our plant and sipped on her apple cider while she worked.  My husband put the salt water brine to boil while I sliced the oranges and measured the cider. 

I had visions of a golden turkey, lots of family and my husband making his wonderful gravy and carving our turkey at the head of the table.  Everything went pretty smoothly until we started getting sick.  I ended up with a painful chest cold and he ended up with a lot of bathroom visits and finally a package of immodium and toilet paper {lots of it} 12 painful hours later.  By Monday morning he wanted me to find a babysitter to pay 50 bucks so that we could both go to bed and sleep for 3-4 hours.
We sure know how to have fun around here!    

 Aside from getting sick the weather turned and was hotter than our July weather.  The kitchen thermometer reached 90 degrees and we were drenched.  I had to go and dig out fans that I just put away in the attic and open every window possible.  I think the temperature was a record high from 1980's.  After dinner we decided to take our pie and lawn chairs and head outdoors.   

A little fun with our first inaugral pumpkin push.  I thought this would be something to entertain the kidlets with and I even ended up having a little chuckle or two myself.  We set up a relay race with two brooms and two pumpkins that we pushed up to the chairs and back.  Sometime later this week I plan to try and make puree from the pumpkins and then make muffins for snack.  

We finished the day off by jotting down what we are thankful for on little pieces of paper {leaf shapes} that will be soon used in a crafty way.
Despite getting sick and losing my kitchen assistant to an illness I had a great time and I am thankful for everything in my life; all my family, my health, well being, indoor plumbing and running water.  Of course must add I am thankful for our two crazy cats.  One being an early morning book page flipper and the other a lover of vegetables.    
Happy Thanksgiving!  

Micah and Katie  – (November 1, 2011 at 10:47 AM)  

it was so much fun and the best turkey I have ever eaten!!

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