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I Discovered Something!

Recently,  I discovered something new and I want to share it with you!  I found something awesome!  Let me start off by saying I am a very skeptical person and I hate wasting time & money.  Anyone out there hate doing something only to find out you just wasted your time and efforts?  I can't be the only one.  I pushed my skepticism aside and went with my heart.  I also knew that if I did not like the product I could return it, so that alone was a deal breaker.  I always feel better about something if I can return it, if indeed, it does end up sucking.

I am talking about Body by Vi.  Jam packed full of vitamins, easy, and tastes great!  My story starts with me and the fact that I was so tired.  I would nap 2 hours a day almost every day of the week.  If I did not nap I would completely glaze over from 4-7pm and every thing would be a blur.  I would go on auto pilot while I cooked dinner and helped my oldest with her math.  It has been two weeks now and I can just take a quick cat nap for about 20 minutes and still feel fresh enough to chase after my two year old.  Unfortunately, I did not think to take pictures in the beginning but I'm positive I am making progress because my jeans fall off.  While I would love to show you how my jeans just fall to the floor I am sure my husband would not be amused.

Body by Vi is suitable for all types of people who are interested in investing in their health.  You can use it to simply have a healthier lifestyle, use it for weight loss or to help maintain healthy physique while bodybuilding.

I am in my mid thirties and learning {just now} to do things for myself {selfish I know!}.  Shame on me for being so selfish and putting myself first!  My goal was not to lose weight and that just ended up being a bonus for me.  I was so tired and feeling so crappy that driving to the grocery store was a huge challenge.  My update for two weeks is simply that I have energy.  At this time I cannot report a weight loss because we don't own scales.  I will keep you posted on my 90 Day Challenge and if you want to take a challenge with me I would love that.

You can check out Body by Vi here.

I want to share my favorite recipe and even both my children love it!  No kidding!  My kids will eat spinach and  I wasn't even tricking them.  I picked up this recipe from the gals over at One Charming Party and adapted it to Body by Vi by turning it into one super powerful shake.  I drink this in the wee hours of the am then I am supercharged and left feeling full.  I can holla out,
"Watch out laundry, here comes Mama Bear!"  Not sure why I'm Mama Bear, but my friend calls herself Mama Bird so I got Mama Bear.  

Source:  One Charming Party

Green Smoothie
4 cups loosely packed Baby Spinach {You should really use baby if you can}  Adult spinach tastes a little earthy in my opinion.
1 1/2 cups Orange Juice
1 Ripe Banana
2 cups Frozen Light colored fruit {Pineapple, Peach, Mango, or Honeydew}
2 Scoops of Visalus

Blend 1 minute on high until there are no chunks.
You need to also place in the blender in the order I have given.
This makes 4 8oz. servings.

I will be hosting a taste test party soon so if you are interested in taking the 90 Day Challenge please contact me.  If you are feeling adventurous you can even try a green smoothie!  You will love it!

Maria Berg  – (January 31, 2012 at 11:39 AM)  

The green one, I do not think I like it, I do not like spinach...
What challenge is it, you need to be there?


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