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Functional Style

"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then I just ate." Currently, I am reading My life in France by Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme.  Great little read that is quite informative.   I enjoyed looking at the photos of her kitchen and ended up researching more photos of her workspace and discovered her method of organization; all her gadgets and widgets were right at her fingertips!  A revelation hit me like I was smacked upside the head.  After giving it some thought I decided to take a page from Julia Child's book and just go with it.  I never dreamed of hanging anything on the walls of our kitchen let alone kitchen gadgets and accessories.  I just imagined it would be chaotic looking or overly cluttered.  I just kept everything in a large deep drawer but always found myself wasting time searching for things over and over.  Basically, I just gave up trying to find the same items every time I wanted to use them.   I talked it over with my hubby and he said, "What are you waiting for?"  

The next morning I picked up my peg board and the store did all the cuts that I wanted free of charge.  I primed the board and really liked Julia's blue peg board but decided just to keep mine white for now.  The cost for this project was $15 including the hooks.  The rest of the peg board will be used on another project coming soon.  Other sources showed hanging baskets with onions and wooden spoons and that is definitely something I would love to add in the future.

 I did not take a picture but I popped off the sides of an old crib {thanks Karen!} and re-purposed the wood.  The wood slats were screwed to the wall, then the peg board was secured to the wood.   
Awesome new pastry brush!  Thanks mom.

Photo Source:  Smithsonian Museum of American History
Photo Source:  Domino
 I am really loving the organization that this project has created and the functional style is growing on me.  Functional style seems to just make more sense these days.  The drawer has opened up space for dishcloths and towels and pens and paper and in turn, making my under sink area a much nicer place to visit.  The last thing to add is a piece of artwork that says Bon Appetit!  I say the last thing but I would be lying if I said that.  I think copper pots would make things complete.  Really, truly.   
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