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Ahh, that's better!

One way for me to wind down at night is to relax and catch up on blogging.  Frequently, I would just leave the laptop on the coffee table and go to bed.  Morning would arrive and I would forget about the open device not thinking that the almost 2 year old would cause potential harm.  Long story short my Kate the Great plucked off  a letter here, a couple more letters there and you get the idea.  I could still type but not just as fast.  Then the power cord battery pack thing kept dying and I went into blogging with drawl.  My husband would try weekly to replace the cord but it never worked out.  Not to be overly melodramatic but I truly was quite sad.   

For the time being my husband is working from home so the office is off limits during the day.  Don't get me wrong it is nice having him home, BUT...{that seems like a pretty big but!}  When my daughter would nap I would blog, work on photo edits and sip coffee.  I had a routine that I really enjoyed.  Since I no longer could blog or edit photos during nap time I opted to house clean instead.  Bleck! Swashing toilets is not as fun as reading blogs, getting creative ideas or catching up on photos.  I don't know if I am the only one, surely I'm not, but photo editing seems to take me forever! 

We had a wicked snowstorm one day and my husband grabbed his coat and said he was going out on a mission.  I thought he was going out for some super sonic crack {a.k.a coffee}.  He came back with a box and surprised me with this!

Initially, I was completely against a new computer but I overheard my fingertips say, "Ahh, that's soooo much better!" 

On the other laptop I could not use French accents and my husband knew this drove me nuts and he quickly pointed out that this new gem has the features I was sorely missing.  My new bad habit you ask?  Taking this bad boy to bed and Pinning for 2 hours past my bedtime.  I go to bed at 1am and every new day kind of feels like a Monday!  I will have to work on that.   
Here comes a sidebar....
Oh, and the almost 2 year old is now 2 and we call her our resident monkey.  She is busier than ever and still creates her own sources of trouble.  For instance, she discovered a little vile of peppermint oil and managed to get the cover off.  If you are suffering with a cold or sinus infection I welcome you to visit and alleviate your congestion with an intense peppermint infusion.  One whiff and you will be breathing clean and clear.  She dripped the oil on everything she could.  Law have Mercy!    

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