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Holiday Treasures

In the bat of an eyelash we sailed through summer, stumbled our way through fall and landed just a few short days away from celebrating winter solstice.  So much has happened in such a short time frame it really just feels surreal.  

Our first major event was the decision to home school our oldest in Gr.2.  Our second biggest event was discovering we are expecting our third child.  We are officially outnumbered. 

Fast forward a few weeks, days, months and that brings us up to speed and to the month of December...

We had to go holiday shopping today and there was just no way around it.  I really dislike shopping with children and do find it quite challenging on most occasions.  We were out for about two hours and for some odd reason ended up at our local library.  I told them no more than 10 minutes.  Lucky for me a local bookstore donated a bunch of books to the library and the library was having a sale to raise money.  All the books I wanted in the fall were on for one dollar!  I picked up one of each book with the exception of Alice in Wonderland.  As a child I found this book hard to read and really did not enjoy the book or movie even to date.  All brand new books with titles that were on our Waldorf reading list for Grade 2.  Happy coincidence.

My daughters love going to the Library.  We go consistently every two weeks or so.  They enjoy a little craft, and I make my oldest interact with the Librarians. At the craft table today there was an additional item involving a scavenger hunt followed by instructions.  My oldest can be quite negative sometimes and just told me there was no point to the scavenger hunt because somebody probably already found the treasure.  So I told her she should go ask the Librarian and find out some details.  She received positive news that they had not given away the prize.  Nobody has found it yet.  A few seconds later my daughter turned and said, "Mommy, I found the hidden picture hiding in Antarctica!"  She took the item they hid, and presented it to the Librarian and they gave her an entire treasure chest filled with candy!  Happy coincidence #2.  

My daughter checked out two books and a movie.  We then proceeded to the car where I set the books and movie on the hood of the car.  The girls wanted to collect fuzzies from the cat tails that I parked near so after that I put them in the car.  Completely forgot all about the books and movie on the hood!  Drove home, unloaded and discovered my huge mistake.  Oh mommy how could you do this!  Luckily, a good samaritan found the items in the parking lot and returned them.  

  Our local library puts a lot of effort into the crafts they place out for the children as well as the programs.  I am very impressed with their efforts.  They go above and beyond!  Some libraries just put out coloring sheets but our local library has weekly crafts they leave out that all have a nice theme.  Someone takes the time to handcut all the gazillion little pieces for tiny hands to glue.  Yes, another successful and fun visit to the Library!  The treasure box was just the icing on the cake!

Little do they know it took a scavenger hunt to inspire me to blog again!  What a great day!

Good night!

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