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Oh Christmas Tree, How I Love Your Branches!

Merry Christmas!
My 7 year old was away for the weekend during the month of December so I spit polished her room and surprised her with a Nutcracker themed tree.  My youngest was greeted in her room by a princess tree with pink balls.

 We just love the Nutcracker and I wanted to surprise her with tickets to go see the ballet this year but things didn't work out in that direction.  My mother and I had gone in previous years while we lived in Ottawa and I wanted to start the tradition with my daughters.

The tree is loaded with soldier ornaments and she named them after countries.  I think this dude is named Ukraine and I will have to ask her again to tell me the rest of their names.  My mother gave her the larger Nutcracker statues and she named them William, Winston and Wilfred.  Wilfred is the largest and looks to be the most intimidating.  My little lilly bean thinks he is really angry about something and keeps asking "Why is he so mad?"

Our tree was put up in November and we have been enjoying the beautifully lit branches since.  We always did a real tree and enjoyed the annual tree chop.  This one happened to be a too good to be true price and included the lights so it was a no brainer.  I don't know about you but putting lights on the tree the correct way frustrated me to no end.  We had this up and decorated in under ten minutes and it has some kind of memory branches so it just falls back into place without all the tweaking and fluffing and getting your fingers all sore.  We will get real trees in the future but for now we are faking it.

 I should include the price breakdown on the tree and all the balls, bells and such.  The best part was that mom and I found the Martha balls for a steal and even better the balls are shatter proof!  We just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

So in total we have five trees; a pewter tree decorated in pewter ornaments, a tree in the toy room, a tree in the living room and two upstairs for the girls.  By my calculations should take me about a month to put away.  I got the smaller tree {6 ft} on sale and the price of the tree cost the same price as one pewter ornament.  Kind of funny.   The tree in the playroom was free, we found it at the recycling station.  
~Happy Holidays~

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