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Holiday Sugar House

Good Tidings!
I'm excited about this one folks! 
Stunning, spectacular and worthy of honorable mentions from Martha Stewart!  My bestie and her hubby definitely tapped into their inner Martha and created a masterpiece!  Have you ever seen one of these before?  They certainly are unique.  I have only seen a handful on Pinterest and can't wait to show the world that my gal has skillz!
{Exact replica of their own home}
Unfortunately, we are just one city too many apart so I was not there to help I mean to take step by step photos.  I think you just whip up your royal icing, pick up your sugar cubes and start building like lego.  In the past they did cottages using about 2 boxes of sugar cubes.  This year they constructed their own freaking house!  How cool is that?

{The children's garden}

This blows gingerbread houses right out of the water!  Step aside gingerbread there's a new sugar house in town!  This coming from the gingerbread snob!

I think they did such an amazing job, don't you?  "A charming solution to the perennial gingerbread house" ~ M.Stewart

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