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Chick a Dee Dee Dee

This January has been a little challenging to say the least.  We were hit with a cold snap and windchill up to -33 Celsius.  We tried to bundle up and get out but some days were just too much.  Yesterday was a balmy -16 so we took advantage of the warmer weather and headed out to the woods.  We packed up the school work and tucked it away for another day.  We couldn't stay inside any longer.  We grabbed some snacks and our water jugs and headed for the woods.  I made a pit stop on the way and picked up some birdseed.  
The extra side stop was completely, 100% worth the effort.  Best $6.74 spent for this outing to clear our heads.  Why you ask?  Here's why:

Hand feeding our provincial bird: the Blackcap Chickadee.  I had never done this before in all my 30 years of life.  I was totally blown away when it happened.  All I could tell my oldest was to be patient, completely still, and most importantly don't scream if it lands.  We laughed because it tickled a lot.  

This puff ball was happy when he found his treat.  We left him a peppermint patty.  We didn't hear any complaints as he nibbled his chocolate sugar rush treat and scampered away with the freshest breath in the forest.

I'd say this turned out to be a fabulous homeschool day.  Sometimes the unpredictable, unplanned events turn out to be the best.  


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