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Feathering My Nest

Leaves little time for rest...so as the lyrics go.  A lot of nesting going on here at our house these days.  Nesting can sure wear a woman out!  We are taking a break from homeschooling this week to get some rest and refresh ourselves.  One of my goals this week was to make and bake snacks and stock the freezer.

I found these green pretties and tried them today.  Not bad.  2 stars out of 5? They are baked so really do not compare to the cake like fried beauties but a little novelty for the kidlets on St. Patrick's Day.  I liked the recipe because it was incredibly easy.  My only mistake was choosing to use no name brand pudding mix.  I swore off no name brand years ago and why my brain decided to grab it off the grocery shelf is beyond me.  In Canada the no name brand usually comes in yellow boxes.  I hope they freeze well.  If they don't taste good after being frozen the gals can feed a forest friend of their choice.  I have another recipe that uses veggies but as I mentioned I just made these because they are green.  Next option will be green - literally.

Wouldn't the fox be so happy if we left a paper bag full of donuts.  I wouldn't give a fox frosting in case it messes with his/her blood sugars.

I made these as well.  Mine turned out okay.  Dense but moist.  I use mini chocolate chips just as a personal preference.   I added  both chocolate and peanut butter minis.  Muffins taste way better hot from oven but I need to put things in the freezer for quick early am breakfasts.  Last time I nursed a baby I went without eating breakfast and didn't think food mattered.

I also did Applesauce Muffins, and Chickpea Chocolate Chip {some with cranberries and some with hemp  hearts}.  Sorry no photos available.  Wait a sec who am I kidding?  I am not sorry, just lazy.

Lastly, homemade granola bars.  I never had a frozen granola bar before but I am thinking if I can freeze croissants successfully then I can freeze anything.  My grandmother always froze her homo milk and I remember as a kid I thought that was nuts and just a wee bit gross!  But saved her from running out to get milk for her recipes.  She didn't drink milk on a daily basis and never had a carton readily available so I think that it why she froze it.

Some recipes are health food oriented and obviously some are just a bunch of wasted carbs.  I try to stick with Paleo but I do not expect kids to remain 100%.  We do however expect them to eat the paleo plates we give them at mealtimes and eat the veggies etc...They don't get snacks everyday and this is exactly what they are snacks.  We might be on the road or something and I'd rather give them the option of a homemade snack than a pre packaged processed snack.
As the lady that did the granola bars points out; the granola bars have a little more calories but lower HFCS {high fructose sugar content}.

Next up is the meats.  I hope to get to some of the recipes later this week.  I would love to have 5 frozen meat recipes made up before baby arrives.  Getting the freezer stocked is half the battle.  My husband can certainly cook but I like knowing there is something available and it really takes the pressure off.   Thanks to Pinterest I  found some really nice blogs where ladies have mastered the art of freezing meals.  Not big on frozen foods really but we will soon be a family of 5 and I'm sure the first 3 or 4  months I won't even care.  I could probably eat dirt and wouldn't notice.

Happy Days!

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