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Baby Boy

April 17th.  HE IS HERE!

May I introduce Matthew Beckerton Clark Rice.  10lbs. and 10oz.  22 inches long. 09:54am
We had no idea this little cutie pie was going to be so big.  Not overly large just bigger than estimated.  The c-section was enough to scar me for life excuse the pun.  I would never wish to be conscious for another surgery again.  Although being awake has pros.  There was a lot of pushing and tugging trying to get him out and in that  process fluid backed up my esophagus causing intense burning.  I had incredible pain and I was digging my nails in the bed.  They finally knocked me out and my husband claims I knocked down the barrier, they restrained me and he was escorted out.  

I had tried fentanyl, morphine and laughing gas.  The fentanyl was amaaaazing.  At least I think this is what they gave me.  I can see why people love this stuff.  Reminds me of an old song...forget your troubles c'mon get happy, chase all your cares away.  I think Judy Garland sang this once upon a time.  

At the end of the day I survived.  Had lots of lovlies visit me and that was nice.  Well, they were really there to check out our newest addition.  I don't blame them cuz he's totally cute.

He is a good boy.  Nurses like a champ.  Simply sweet.  We love him to pieces.   

{3 Days Old}

  Happy, Happy Birthday Matthew we love you!

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