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Matthew attended  his first Homeschool event and snoozed the entire time.  I guess spelling bees aren't that exciting to him.  His sister on the other hand was more interested.  Megan worked hard for 3 months getting ready for her first spelling bee.  She did an awesome job and came in second place.  The spellers did so well the judges had to go off the grid and find new words.  Papa Rice, Nanny Rice and Nanny Stewart all cheered her on while I was a nervous wreck and scared to death she would spell circus wrong.  I remember squeezing my mother's knee when they asked her to spell her most challenging word.  She did great and didn't falter until the judges went off the list.        

I snapped this while my Aunt Nancy was holding Matthew

Megan was all smiles and not nervous one bit

spelling bee photo credits:  Katie Peterson {my cousin}

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